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Permissions the WhatsApp uses in your phone’s settings.

Device ID & Permissions:
Below are the brief explanations about each permission

The application can allow the device and mail contacts to the WhatsApp application, you can either edit or delete the contact list.

  • Find the contacts on the device
  • Read your contacts
  • Modify your contacts.

Wi-Fi connection:
The Wi-Fi connection will be accessible to any application because the Internet works slower than Wi-Fi. It helps out to download easily with less time.

  • View Wi-Fi connections.
  • Device and App History: The application can also maintain a list of your user information in the form of history.
  • To retrieve the running applications


  • The application can use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.
  • Edit or delete the contents from the USB storage.
  • Read the content from the USB.
  • The application can use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.


  • The app will use your account or profile information on your device, the identity access the following abilities.
  • Find accounts on the device
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Read your own contact card

An app on your device accesses the options of Text messages and multimedia messages. Based on your plan you may be charged to the carrier of texts:

  • Receive text messages
  • Send SMS messages.

The application also accessible to trace out your current location:

  • Precise location based on the GPS network
  • Approximate location network-based


  • The feature which accesses to save, edit and delete the media files and documents.
  • Edit and delete the content media from the USB
  • Read the content of your USB.


  • The application uses the camera of your device to access the application abilities:
  • Take pictures and videos


This application uses your phone and its call history, depending on your plan as you may change according to your carrier for phone calls.

  • The feature Phone allows the below permissions.
  • Read call log
  • Directly call phone numbers
  • Read phone status and identity

The app also accesses your device to record audio clips.

  • Record Audio.

Device and App History:

  • The WhatsApp application can access your device ID, phone number.
  • Device ID & call information may include the ability to read phone status and identity.
  • Read phone status and identity.


  • Read sync statistics
  • Receive data from the internet
  • Create accounts and set passwords
  • Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • Toggle sync on and off
  • Control near field communication
  • Change your audio settings
  • Use accounts on the device
  • Install shortcuts
  • Send sticky broadcast
  • Read Google service configurations
  • Change network connectivity
  • Control vibration
  • Full network access
  • View network connections
  • Modify system settings
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices
  • Run at startup
  • Uninstall shortcuts

Prevent device from sleeping.

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