WeChat App Review

WeChat App Review

WeChat Messenger App

WeChat is the mobile app that allows users to connect with friends across the platforms. This app has its own merits without needing with the help of the famous footballer. The functions are used to creating group chats, sending photos, music files, and voice notes. WeChat app introduces some functions has never before seen in related messaging apps.

WeChat is the social-networking tool that lets users communicate and share media. It is a total experience for keeping in touch with people you know. You can use it to place voice calls, send text messages, share stickers, play games, and more.

Users can also create photo-collage moments that you can share. However, the location services are turned on also you can use the Friend Radar feature. To shake your phone to instantly find the profiles of random users also there is an option to instantly connect through message or image. Because it is used to widely around the world can translate messages into many languages.

WeChat Review

WeChat app also has many features such as video call, voice chat, walkie-talkie and much more. We can use walkie-talkie when we want to join convoy activity or other but they must have internet access. If they don't have any internet access, can’t use all the features. It is free cost, even subscribe can also free not like Watsapp, the user must pay when the timing is coming. By using this app, we can manage the contact list will become our friends and that can see our moments.
These applications also have many elements of multimedia as text, audio, animation, video and image like a sticker. It is the animation sticker to interact with user to chat with their buddies and relatives. WeChat can provide the video call elements in multimedia.
The User Interface was created with the Apple devices in mind. Considering the animations, transitions and pop-ups feels as the application was created for use in Apple devices. The application works well with various phones. Users feel that should give the little more decoration to make as colourful as other Android applications. The Interface is not heavy and there are no lags when using the application.
There are key features of WeChat App

  • Free audio and video calls to any WeChat users through the world.
  • Group chat can up to 100 people that more than 50 watsapp’s limit
  • You can play games on WeChat platforms and complete with your friends
  • You can share voice, images, videos and more with other WeChat users
  • It is was certified by TRUSTe gives the better privacy options
  • It supports 20 global languages and also to share your location with other users
  • It can use one hottest option and ‘people nearby’ and ‘shake to meet others’ option to make the new buddies connect with them

  • Free animated stickers
  • Text, SMS, video and voice
  • Location sharing and moments
  • Secure encrypted messaging mode
  • Powerful group tools

  • Difficult log in process on new devices
  • Sound quality


The WeChat app is very nice and unique in mobile application because it has many advantages if we install and use this. It is one of the advantage will get our own QR code for the application and easy to add new friends because we scan the code and automatically they become our new friend.

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