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Viber App Review

Viber App

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Viber is a free VoIP service and client application for mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets. The app is designed for making free calls and free messages between users who have installed Viber on their phones

Before it used only for making free calls and sending free messages. But now you can who have the Viber app. But now you can make free calls and send free messages to other Viber users on different phones. Viber connects the users with each other all over the world freely, you can send good vibes every day and make great things happen!! Viber is cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP app which was initially developed and published by the Israeli company Viber media which was bought by the Japanese multimedia company Rakuten.

Here you can exchange images, audio messages, videos by sending files to each other and it has 800 million registered users

Vibes provides an ability to connect people around the world in the way which works best for them. Whether it can be one – on –one message, voice, video call group chat on following chats and celebrates public chats.

Viber Review

Viber has been redesigned in such way that it attracts the users who have installed it on their mobile, Viber a purple color application has been coded in such way that everyone can use easily in their smart phones

Viber is famous as it makes things free between peers. The app now includes multiple media sharing which permits users to send multiple photos and videos at a time.

Viber functionalities vary from one platform to other. But Android and iPhone will get first if any updates and features. Once after installing Viber into your smartphones, you don’t need to add your contacts, as this application will automatically synchronize your address book

Viber Features

  • High definition call quality
  • Viber out – enables calls to non Viber users at low call rates
  • Excellent GUI
  • Text and photo messaging
  • Sticker market
  • Very easy installation and activation (no user account)
  • Address book import

  • Big user base, with hundred million users
  • No need to register with usernames and passwords, it uses only mobile phone numbers
  • Group text messages
  • Low-cost calling to landline and mobile number
  • Infinite free voice and video calls and text messages to other Viber users


Viber is an excellent app with a great covenant of potentials for its users. We really can’t hold anything against free calling and messaging, can you? Viber is in top notch now.

So are you Viber users? What do you have to say about it?

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