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uTorrent App

uTorrent is an application to download legal content, which provides you quick download. All the users are allowed to download large files very fast in which the content is broken into pieces. uTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client that is owned and developed by BitTorrent, Inc. There are more than 150 million users using BitTorrent outside of china. This program is released in 2005.

uTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client which is owned by BitTorrent, Inc. This is an active development from its release onwards. On March 4th, 2006, peer factor SARL announced a six-month contract with stringers for the development of new content distribution applications on the web.  In 2017 Bit torrent next version is released that is u Torrent and it’s a web browser-based.

The uTorrent installer provides an option to download and install the ask.com toolbar. On July 15, 2011, BitTorrent announced they will introduce a paid version of uTorrent called uTorrent Plus. This application has features such as integrated file conversion, antivirus, and a built-in media player. In the earlier state, the free version of Utorrent has commercial ads and they can be dismissed by the users individually.

How To Download Torrents:

The following is the procedure that you need to follow for downloading the uTorrent application.

  • Find the torrent which you want to download, for this process, you have to go to a torrent site that you trust and search for it.
  • Finally, click on the download button on the preferred site then your file will be downloaded the torrent files don’t require more than seconds to download.
  • If your torrent is not a default torrent client then click the file of Utorrent or the screen then Utorrent will be opened click on the add torrent and then select torrent in the windows and then open it.
  • You can review torrent’s download information here, including which file you want to download and the folder you want to download the files
  • If you see downloading the file that starts with 0.0% then your file is being downloaded officially.

Features Of uTorrent:

      The following are the features that you are benefited with the utorrent application. The list of the features is as given below

  • Bandwidth management: Utorrent application provides the users to download faster and the bandwidth is also altered while downloading based on internet connectivity.
  • Simultaneous downloads: We can perform multiple downloads at a time. A file can be play backed at the downloading process and it’s a feature that is available in the uTorrent pro software.
  • Data Privacy: This feature is available in uTorrent Pro software. uTorrent protects PC by scanning it against viruses and malware.
  • Media player: This feature is available in uTorrent pro. This software has an inbuilt media player to play different media files like mp4, avi, mpeg4. This software has inbuilt HD codecs to view.
  • Encryption: This is a feature that is provided among p2p file sharing clients with privacy and security.
  • Peer Exchange: uTorrent maintains PEX supports with BitTorrent clients as libtorrent, KTorrent, Transmission, Vuze.
  • Web UI: uTorrent can run on one computer to be operated on other through internet or WLAN which is available on the beta version of uTorrent.
  • Media Converter: uTorrent software has an inbuilt HD media player that converts files into different media formats on any mobile device like iPhone, PlayStation, apple.
  • Customer support: uTorrent provides 24/7 customer support to attend calls, requests, complaints.
  • Advertisement: In the uTorrent premium app many commercial ads will be promoted. In the pro version, there will be no ads displayed.
  • Updates: uTorrent application provides the users with premium access to unlock new features when they are available
  • Compatability: uTorrent supports platforms like Windows, Mac, Android. The uTorrent server is also available for Linux.


  • Name:µTorrent
  • Developer: BitTorrent, Inc.
  • Language: Multi-language
  • License: Free
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 41,26,378
  • Rating:

Pros Of uTorrent:

       The following are the advantages that are associated with uTorrent.

  • RSS Downloader: By making use of RSS downloader we can download RSS items to the computer
  • Remote Web Interface: The web interface of uTorrent can be controlled by any web browser.
  • Requires less space: For the installation of this application, you require less than 3MB. This application even supports low-end devices
  • Protection: This software protects the PC against all the types of viruses and malware by scanning all the files at the time of downloading.
  • User-Friendly Interface: This has a user interface that has colorful themes and accessible features.

Cons Of Utorrent:

            The following are the cons that are associated with uTorrent. The list is as given below

  • Advertisement: uTorrent pushes multiple advertisements in the freemium version which will irritate you the most.
  • Can install one file at a time: You can’t download multiple files simultaneously.

Searching is restricted: The search feature is not available in uTorrent application as the searching for new torrents inside the program is restricted and the search should be done through a web browser.

uTorrent App Review
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