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TrueCaller App

TrueCaller App is strictly committed to the security and protection of personal information of users and their contacts. This privacy policy describes how TrueCaller will collect, use, share and process personal information.

This application will collect information provided by the user. In order to create a user profile, the applicant must register with first name, last name, and phone number. Also, additional information may provide at the user level interest or optional. But it is limited to, Photo, gender, street address and ZIP code, country of residence, email address, professional website, Facebook page, Twitter address and short status messages or something like quote.
The TrueCaller may supplement the information provided by the user along with information from the third party and add it to the information provided by the user. It provides information about contact details that publically available.

Benefits of TrueCaller:

This application may use the personal information collected to provide, maintain, and improve, analyze and personalize the Services to its users, partners and third-party provides.

  • It benefited with smart caller ID, dialer and messaging functionality that, among other features. Display the name associated with a certain number for incoming or outgoing calls and messages.
  • A number linked to name is the number available for search in a Database who made the third party name available for search.
  • Display the information based on connections a User may have in common, directly or indirectly, with other Users via a social graph algorithm, display the functionalities of the services.
  • Allow through settings like, push notifications and reminders and deliver messages via the Services, in which case your messages will be kept for a limited period time in order to deliver the messages, but TrueCaller will not unless specifically stated to monitor the user messages.
  • Enable the user to share information in connection along with the user registration, login or other use of third party services.

Installation Procedure:

TrueCaller will collect personal information from you and any devices according to the interaction with services:

  • It includes Geo-location.
  • IP address, Device ID or Unique identifier.
  • Device manufacturer and type, hardware settings.
  • SIM card usage.
  • Applications installed in the device, ID for advertising, ad Data, Operating System.
  • Access to device Address book, device log and event information,
  • Logs Keywords and Metadata of incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • A version of the services you use and other information based on user interaction with services such as how the services are being accessed.
  • The pages to visit and features the user uses on the services.
  • The TrueCaller may collect some of this information automatically through the use of cookies and the user can learn more about using cookies.

Features Of TrueCaller App:

Caller ID:

Identify unknown numbers, spam or companies calling before picking up, experience the identity of each incoming call anywhere across the Universe either landline, mobile or pre-paid.

Spam Blocking:

Block numbers and auto-block telemarketers and robocalls. The community reports numbers in real-time so everyone is always protected against unwanted calls.

Intelligent dialer:

Always call the right people, Dial friends, family and identify the names of unknown numbers as user dials.

Chat, SMS, and Calls:

No need to switch to other apps. TrueCaller helps in manage all communication.

Organized and spam-free Inbox:

Keep inbox clean from unwanted SMS.

Multiple Themes:

Choose the color theme that best fits according to user choice.


Accurate safe, secure instant payments and bank account management.

Record the Calls:

Draft important call recordings to the phone.

Backup Contacts and Call lists;

To restore the deleted data, install TrueCaller on a new phone to Menu- settings-backup and sign in with Google Drive account. You will be promoted to restore to file and TrueCaller will retrieve all contact details.

Integrate with Other Apps:

 The TrueCaller is not only about making use of Features. It also supports as the gateway to other apps.


  • Name:TrueCaller
  • Developer: TrueCaller Inc
  • Language: Multi-language
  • License: Free
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 3,09,010+
  • Rating:

Look Up Numbers With Your Camera:

Anyone can normally use the app to check any number, not just the incoming one. But need to type out that number and call it for TrueCaller to search for it. The camera lookup is a much easier way to do that.

Advantages Of TrueCaller App:

  • The smartphone markers trying to helping to finish necessary work as soon as possible.
  • Everyday receiving lots of missed calls or text messages to phones.
  • TrueCaller is such a kind of application which helps to find those unknown numbers and their details.
  • By using TrueCaller can chase the wrong dialed number easily.
  • Due to TrueCaller providing the address of those numbers which registered by their ID card details.
  • In some cases, it helps to find out terrorists too.
  • The platform makes it simple for the user to block calls and SMS.
  • Users can report unknown numbers as spammers.
  • It enables users to block crowd-sourced spam.


  • Smartphones making people foolish day by day.
  • Now a day’s people forgotten to remember Contact numbers.
  • It made people so lazy.
  • This application sorted billions of contact details which can help but by the time using it needs an internet connection to the user phone.
  • At some time it will not present correct details about the number.
  • May be hackers can also get your details, if your bank account connected with the registered number they can hack your bank account.
  • It does not allow users to block whole area prefixes and codes, one has to block one number at a time.
  • Users might find a lot of alerts on blocked SMS and calls inconveniencing.
TrueCaller App Review

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