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TikTok App Download

Tik Tok App

Technical Information Of TikTok Application:The overview of the TikTok application is as given below

name TikTok
developer ByteDance
Released on September 2016
Initial name musically
Stable release 14.7.5 january 2020
Supported OS iOS, Android
Size required for iOS
308.3 MB
Size required for android 55.80 MB
Available in languages 40 languages
Type of application Video sharing
Alexa rank globally 588
website TikTok.com
Latest update 21 january 2020
Size 82M
Installations More than 1 billion
Current version 9.6.3
Offered by TikTok pte.ltd
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Why Use TikTok Application:TikTok acts as a platform to encourage creative people and to experiment with their posts. This TikTok application will help you to construct a social network in this application you can share music videos to the people in TikTok, more the creativity more the more followers in the TikTok application.This application is very simple to use and it consists of multiple filters and different stickers to make use of and to have fun. This application helps to show your hidden talent to the world, a video of 3 minutes can be uploaded that can be enriched with your creativity and nice audio of your own or in-built track with a filter that suits you.

Latest Updates Of TikTok App:

Previously the TikTok Application allows the users to make a video with a minimum of 15 secs and up to a maximum of 3 minutes but now TikTok is providing the users to manage the screen time management options.

The app allows the users to enable the time for two hours. There are options to select as 40 minutes or 60 minutes or 90 minutes. The other feature that is embedded in the TikTok application is restricted viewing mode which restricts the arrival of adult content videos to the application.

This viewing mode will harness the power of AI to filter the videos to the audiences to view certain types of content. This feature can be enabled in the TikTok settings.

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