Temple Run 2 App Review

Temple Run 2 App Review

Temple Run 2

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Temple Run is the endless running Videogame. This is the mobile game that record the fastest growth in the popularity is still demanded. The first Temple Run game was the big hit and sequel has outrun it and all parameters like graphics, Charisma, gameplay. The game is not new in 2016 Temple Run 2 remains the most actually. Temple Run 2 game is improved graphics also the vibrant colors also much more detailed environments to appeal the lost city in sky setting. This game landscape has improved throughout with the curved roads also hills replacing more angular terrain of the original game.

The waterfalls are the other scenic also appear or seen periodically and adding more realistic feel too often-monotonous settings.

The game world has also upgraded new zip wire also mine cart sections. And the players will periodically have slide down rope ziplines and navigate the web of mining tracks deep within caves. The collected coins are used to unlock characters and upgrade various abilities. Gems are used to buy “restart” when the players meet end. Players can continue from they made their error by spending gems and of having to return to start the game.

Temple Run 2 Review

The game mightily inspired by Indiana Jones movies and designers never hides the source of inspiration. Sometimes the game gets redesigned a bit. The graphics quality is excellent and looks equally great on phone or tablet and no matter what is the display definition is. An existing the Temple Run VR looks like promo and it is compatible with Samsung VR devices only.
In the game limited controls also use one possible way of controlling character.  This game is very easy to play and it is the addicted game. Once you can start to play the game you will completely concentrate on this only.
 On your way to the game, you will see a lot of new adventures and challenges. This game has finished line and levels. This is the mobile platform game, and players have to slide their fingers in a precise manner to duck, jump. A player has to slide phone to collect the coins. There are some factors to keep the game as a joyful experience like emotions, controls, objectives, game session, and feedback.


These are the Key features for Temple Run 2 app:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Easy to control systems
  • Same addictive gameplay

  • Fun, action heavy gameplay
  • Free
  • Improve graphics
  • A randomly generated level keeps the action free
  • Responsive navigation

  • In-app purchases diminish competition
  • Slightly buggy


This game enjoys the cult status so do its fans. The developer’s update also upgrades the game with new characters, new location, and design and achievements elements.

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