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Telegram Messenger App

The Telegram application is a cloud-based instant messaging service similar to WhatsApp and WeChat with the main focus on speed and security. It is open-source end-to-end encryption.

Its main proclaimed point was security, including chats, groups, and media are encrypted. The application can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. The Telegram application is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, and Linux.

Key Factors to use:

  • The Telegram provides an open API that encourages integration and development.
  • Telegram’s values of openness and security fall in line and allowing the user to provide an encrypted channel for organizations communicating sensitive information.
  • This application was completely free.
  • The Telegram allows sending a maximum of 30 messages per second as the same thought process a shortcode allows at no cost.
  • Telegram provides a web page, a desktop version for Mac, PC, and Linux, and mobile apps for all iOS and Android devices. It can be used anywhere as an internet connection is available


Create APIs:

API lets the user create own customization Telegram clients. The user can also read Telegram’s open-source code to know how the platform works. This was free for all the developers.

Search by Username:

It has an option to register a unique username, though all users must bind their account to a phone number.

Create Channel:

The Telegram application supports two types of channel-Public and Private, user free to join or leave as many public channels as needed at any time. On the other side, private channels are hidden from search and can be joined only through invitations links.


By selecting the Cloud Icon on the right side of the user profile picture. It will open a chat window for self. From here the user can forward any type of message, media, and file to store them in Telegram Cloud.

Keep Live Services:

It ensures that users to get notifications by running applications in the background. Instead, if the user presents with a smart RAM clearer application, the Telegram will automatically restart in the background process, by keeping the notifications up to date.


Go to the individual chatbox and tap on the lower left “Sticker Icon”. It will show dozens of trending stickers and masks. Just click on the add option. Once added, the user can also preview them by press-holding on the stickers.

Turn off Notifications:

Telegram has an option to disable message previews as well as message notifications.

Lock conversation:

The Telegram developers team has included an inbuilt lock feature to bolt the conversations with a passcode.

Hide Last Seen:

This is one of the advanced options when it comes to the Last Seen feature. It can either block a specific person or allow users to see your last seen duration.

Telegram Media:

This was is a useful feature especially if you don’t want to waste mobile data for downloading unnecessary files.

Terminate Active Sessions:

If in case of situations like the user phone is stolen or someone to your mobile to see sensitive information in the chat window, the user can simply terminate all the active sessions with just a single click using Mac, Desktop, Linux or web client.

Edit phots:

Here you are provided with multiple options to crop the picture, adjust the color, exposure, contrast, and curves. It allows the user to draw and add text to the editing picture.

Create Own GIF:

Tap on the attach file icon and select the video option to record according to the reaction. After done with recording save and trim the video to the desired size. The video will automatically be looped into an animated GIF.

Pros and Cons:


  • Privately send and receive all kinds of media from videos and pictures to music and documents.
  • Encrypted calling is as clear and easy to dial as a regular phone call.
    Benefited with audio calling service.
  • Secrete chats.
  • Availability of Groups and channels.
  • The application is widely available on the major platforms Android, iOS, Windows smartphones, PC, Mac, and Linux.


  • Not many people use Telegram, so it may take some convincing to get friends to switch over.
  • Only a few slots to pin favorite chats.
  • Some sources say that the end-to-end encryption is not consistent, a statement that has not been fully verified yet.
  • This application was available in only a few countries. The application is available in 16 languages.
  • User accounts are automatically deleted after a period of inactivity.
Telegram Review

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