Tango Messenger App Review

Tango Messenger App Review

Tango Messenger App

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Tango Messenger is the third party also cross-platform messaging application software for smartphones. This app free also popular for offering video calls over 3G, 4G as well as Wi-Fi networks. Tango Messenger is available in 14 languages including Chinese, Arabic, and Turkish

Tango is leading mobile messaging service and more than 390 million registered members around the world. This is the growing video call service offered for free on the internet. Once you register an account and you can contact friends through personal computers through Android-based tablets and phones, iPad, iPhone and iPods devices.

Tango Messenger along with laptops, pcs makes useful service for making the long distance calls at your conference calls in an office or in your home.

Tango Messenger Review

Users can register at Tango Messenger website also download the software to active service. You can add the contacts to you Tango list or in case of Android phones to select a contact directly from the address book. A recipient must have the Tango Messenger and you have to send text invitation in your address book which is already associated with Tango account will automatically add to contact list.
This app has the very colorful and stylish User interface carrying same features of Whatsapp app; basically, it does much more use instant messaging. Tango app considered as the best alternative for Whatsapp. Like the voice notes in the Whatsapp app Hold to talk feature which notes also allows to send Audio files.

Tango Messenger is the instant messaging app having more features like Video Games, Video calls, and social entertainment. You can send free text messages to all of your friends also receive their responses in a chat window. You can send the pics and other documents.  As like app LINE , Tango Messenger includes the video games that you can play with your friends.


  • Video calls
  • Chat rooms
  • Chat
  • News feed

  • Very easy to use
  • Good video quality
  • Easy to switch between the video and voice while on call
  • Supports both Android and some of the iOS devices

  • Video quality is uneven
  • Long delays also poor voice syncing in video calls


The app Tango Messenger is simple mobile chat application out there and with good range of support and it does not make up for poor calls quality.

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Tango Messenger App

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