SwiftKey Keyboard App Review

SwiftKey Keyboard App Review

SwiftKeyboard App

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Typing for a long time using your smartphone is really awkward and tiring. But if you have to do that for any reason whatsoever you need to think of something else than the default keyboard that comes equipped with your smartphone. Fortunately there are many keyboard apps in the market that can help you in this regard. SwiftKey is one of such apps.

SwiftKey Keyboard App Review

SwiftKey offers a nice user-friendly interface. It is extremely easy to use and that is what it is meant for.  Moreover after recently updating the app I found that the latest update features SwiftKey Store which contains a number of beautiful themes for you to choose from to give your keyboard an attractive appearance.
SwiftKey is a highly convenient and effective keyboard app so far as my own opinion is concerned. It is made to offer you a smooth and hassle free typing experience and it does its job quite well. Its additional number key panel, emoji prediction, multi-language support and voice input feature make it one of the best keyboards in terms of functionality. The intensity of the tapping sound as well as vibration can also be adjusted.
In my opinion SwiftKey keyboard app is designed in a very wise and astute manner. It offers a number of customizing options to its users. They allow the user to choose how the keyboard would look and feel. According to me all these are enough proof of a well-designed keyboard app.

  • Emoji Prediction: SwiftKey utilizes an advanced prediction system that helps it suggest proper emoji from a collection of 800 emojis (the number is pretty impressing). The function is triggered proactively as the user enters specific words or phrases while typing. The feature can be disabled from settings if not required. But probably you won’t do that.
  • Additional Panel for Number Keys: Smartphone users while typing often face the difficulty of toggling between alphabets and numbers. At least I find it truly irritating. To overcome this SwiftKey has introduced an additional keypad row to be accessed directly without having to move between numbers and alphabets. This is really cool.
  • SwiftKey Cloud: By the help of the SwiftKey Cloud users will be able to sync their own typing profile on the cloud and thus benefit from a seamless typing experience throughout all devices. This eliminates the necessity for teaching the keyboards incorporated in different devices. And I am really benefited by that.
  • Multi-lingual: In addition to English SwiftKey supports a number of regional languages such as Tamil, Bengali, Telegu, Gujrati as well as Hindi. And I heard that more languages are to be added very soon. This is indeed beneficial for the regional speakers like me.
  • Additional Features: Besides the above mentioned key features there are some extra features such as voice input, smart prediction, auto-correct, easy swipe, enhanced flow trait and more.


SwiftKey is extremely user friendly and addresses many different issues which we face while typing on a smartphone. It also offers multiple layouts to cater to different user preference.


I have carefully noticed that the app consumes considerable amount of RAM usage and this is no doubt a demerit in terms of system impact.


By virtue of some efficient features such as additional number panel, cloud syncing and emoji prediction SwiftKey has attracted a lot of attention from the keyboard app users. If you are not contented with the default keyboard in your smartphone you can really give it a try. It is indeed one of the best keyboard apps presently available in the app market. And as I have found it has become even better after its latest update.

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