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Snapseed App Review

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As the cameras of our smartphones are becoming more and more efficient over time developers are bringing in newer photo editing apps more frequently than ever. And after studying a good number of such apps I have come to the realization that all these photo editing apps can be classified into two distinctive segments. The first category comprises the apps which are simple and light offering limited creative opportunities to the users. And they are generally used by casual users for entertaining purposes. The second category is made up of the apps which are complex, heavy weight, and full of advanced features. These are mainly used by discerning users for professional purposes. And I put Snapseed in the second category.

Snapseed App Review

In my opinion SnapSeed bears a loaded yet simple interface. Despite being loaded with options Snapseed is still simple to operate at least for the professional users for whom it is intended. The easy to navigate interface allows the user to pick and choose from a large variety of editing tools. This touch of simplicity is something I really appreciate.
I have no hesitation in saying that Snapseed is one of the most efficiently designed photo editing app ever. Despite having a number of creative options and buttons it is quite well arranged as a whole. It seems to me that the developers must have worked harder to design this nice app.
Snapseed is extremely efficient and effective so far as its functionality is concerned. Its non-destructive and gesture based editing are speaks enough of its functional efficiency. Moreover its various powerful and highly professional editing tools are also prominent proofs in this regard.
  • Advanced Editing: Snapseed offers a range of mighty editing tools including various edit brushes, masks and a rich collection of nicely designed photo filters such as Retrolux, Lens Blur and Double Exposure. This enables the app to fine tune a picture and render it a classic professional touch which to the best of my knowledge is not possible through any ordinary photo editing app.
  • Non-destructive Editing: Due to the non-destructive editing feature the user can always revisit the Stack and access different edit layers. Thus he can eliminate or modify any of the previous edit works. He can also utilize the Stack brush in order to apply a particular effect to a specific portion of the image. For example if you have already applied a Black & White filter to an entire picture, you can paint back a certain part of it through the Stack. Impressive enough, isn’t it?
  • Gesture oriented Editing: Snapseed strongly relies on gestures when it comes to controlling different tools or filters. It might seem little confusing at first (at least in my case) but you get used to it over time. Eventually I realized how nicely and perfectly they work. In fact they play a vital role to facilitate precise edits by offering you to view the changes on a real time basis.


In my opinion Snapseed equips one of the best editing tools which brings it closer to the Photoshop CC for mobile users.


My personal experience of Snapseed says that being an advanced photo editing app Snapseed demands a certain level of expertise from its user to be able to handle the app. To be very frank it took me quite a long time and effort to grasp what is what. In other words it is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Honestly speaking Snapseed is indisputably an outstanding photo editing app equipped with some of the most powerful editing tools. It is one of the top choices for professional photographers and experts who put in much time and effort to fine tune their exhibition quality photographs. However those willing to make photo edits for fun can try something else.

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