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Technical Information Of Snapchat Application:

The additional information regarding the Snapchat application is as given below

Application Snapchat
Author Evan Spiegel

Bobby Murphy

Reggie Brown

Developer Snap Inc
Released on September 2011
Android stable version
Android stable version released on October 19, 2020
iOS stable version
iOS stable version released on October 19, 2020
Android preview version
Android preview version released on October 21, 2020
Available in 37 languages
Size required for iOS 204.7 MB
Size required for Android 62.7 MB
Required android 4.4 and up
License Proprietary software
Offered by Snap Inc


Snapchat is an instant messaging application that provides all the features with internet access from the network. The Snapchat application is famous for its vast range of a natural and unique set of filters.

User Interface Of Snapchat Application:

The Snapchat application user interface is as explained below

Snap Map: The users are snapchat can view the feature of the snap map, which uses the live location of the users, which helps to share the live location and current location. It is also used at the time if the user creates a geo-location filter.

Discover: From the discover icon of the Snapchat application, the users can discover all the new trends and new topics of the application.

Search: In the search option, the users can search for the requires names of the celebrities or pages and from there they can send a follow request.

Voice changer: The voice changer is one of the fun filters available in the Snapchat application, the users can alter their original voice to multiple fun voices as there are some filters made available.

Features Of Snapchat Application:

The list of features that associated with the Snapchat application given below

Streak: The snap streak is a feature which unveils many unique filters if the users have maintained a streak with any user on Snapchat. A streak can maintain by uploading a photo each day for the other user.

Massive Collection Of Filters: All the users are made available with an enormous set of natural and also fun filters based on the requirement the user can apply one of the filters

Sophisticated Tools for Editing: All the tools available in the Snapchat application are too classy and even helps as a professional kit at the time of editing the images.

Creation Of Bitmoji: The users can set the Bitmoji as the profile picture to make it visible for everyone. There are a set of Bitmoji avaialable fo the users, and even there is the possibility to customize it.

Save And Share Snapcode: on creating of Snapchat application the users get created with a Snapcode that allowed to share with others to connect and also there is a possibility to save that code.

Pops Notification If Someone Screenshots Story: Provides Lots of security for the users’ data, if anyone screenshots the story of a user, then a notification sent to the user notifying the someone has screenshotted the data.

End-To-End Encryption Of Data: All the messages from the sender and receiver safely encrypted with SHA algorithms so that it ensures end to end encryption.

Cons Of Snapchat Application:

Disadvantages of Snapchat application are as given below

Chats Deprecated By Default: All the chats in the Snapchat application gets deleted within a short spa

Addictive: The features and the user interface of the Snapchat application is eye catching and addictive which makes the users to addict to it

No Parental Access Available: There is no access provided for the parents to control the application, which is a bit harmful for the younger generation of kids.

Story Visible On Snapchat For 24 Hours Only: The story that uploaded stays only for 24 hours there is no possibility to store that forever.

Backup Of Messages Is Unavailable: As the messages get deleted by default and if the user wanted to backup the messages there is no possibility of doing it

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