Shareit App Download

lets the user transfer files from one to another with direct Wi-Fi connection, either to the mobile, tablets or to the computer. ShareIt can send files, photos, videos, apps. It creates a direct wireless connection with a maximum of 5 devices like a small network. Once connected to another device, files can be sent and received.

Once the file transfer is complete, the app automatically disables the wireless connection and reverts back to the original connection.

If the user wants to share another file, have to go through the starting and connect to the hotspot again. Being multiplatform also causes issues for ShareIt because the user has to troubleshoot connections problems on different devices. Since the ShareIt doesn’t use a Wi-Fi connection direct network or Bluetooth, it has to create a direct connection with another device.

Features Of ShareIt App:

This app had downloaded by millions of people on the Google Play Store and that speaks volumes about the App’s performances. However, today everyone understands just how valuable ShareIt really is and going to present the app’s top features.

Fastest Sharing App:

The ShareIt application is the fastest app in terms of sharing data and there’s about ShareIt can transfer files at speeds that reach up to 20M/s. If this doesn’t seem that fast, then you should know that 20M/s is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Transfer any Type of Files:

This feature makes ShareIt a great app to have around the workplace where the user needs to transfer all types of important data as Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations.

Built-in Media Player:

To make things better, infinite online videos that come in HD quality and can be watched at any time, including offline. ShareIt makes possible for users to watch their favorite online while offline by giving them the option to download videos.

Discovering Trending Music and Videos:

The users can discover trending video and music in the apps user interface. ShareIt’s developers have equipped the app with a special panel that features tens of millions of high-quality songs, and thousands of playlists that can be listened online and offline.

Get GIFs, Wallpapers& Stickers:

This makes ShareIt an all-in-one app that will come in handy at all times. In addition, the GIFs, wallpapers and stickers that can be found with ShareIt can be personalized, downloaded and shared with friends.

Home page and Media player performances:

The new APK update focuses on introducing under the hood changes. Therefore, the APK update will optimize the homepage to run smoother and improve the performances of the app’s built-in media player.

New 4.6.8 APK:

The application developers had released the APK, everyone can download it. Since this is an APK update, ShareIt required it manually to download and install it on their smartphones.

The other side of the things, installing APK updates is not complicated. The only thing that users need to do is to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature from their Settings panel and then simply download the APK file and tap on it which will start the installation process.


  • It allows the simple and swift transfer of files between various OS of various smartphones.
  • Compatible with iOS and Windows smartphones.
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
  • Allowed to transfer large file sharing via ShareIt is a lot faster than normal Bluetooth file sharing.
  • User-interface is very clean.
  • No need for an internet connection to use this application.
  • No limit on file size.
  • Runs significantly faster than Bluetooth.
  • Sharing across platforms from multiple manufacturers.


  • It doesn’t allow file transfers between Mac and mobile devices.
  • It may hang low memory devices.
  • There are some bugs in this application.
  • Some platform doesn’t support all.