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Rating 4.6
voters 4019822
compatibility 2.2 And more.
Size 5.5 MB
version 3.8.8_ww
Publisher SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd.
Downloads count 1Billion to 5 Billion
Content Rating all
permissions Access information about Wi-Fi networks,
Connect to paired Bluetooth devices,
Broadcasts sticky intents.


Rating 4
voters 1825
Size 48.8MB
version 2.5.6
Publisher SHAREit Technologies CO. Ltd
Content Rating
Rated more than 4
Compatibility Requires 7.0 for iPhone, iPad.

SHAREit Transfer App Download

How ShareIt App Works:

  • This application is entirely different from all other applications, its working process is different and the way it works also makes it different. To share files and media without the internet, a very different play role to this application.
  • Of course, we are provided with much similar application but this application raced into the public strongly. Now we will see the install and uninstall process, latest version, technical information, and other permissions.
  • The ShareIt application will not accept the permissions that are irrelevant to functionalities, by accessing the location, ShareIt can help to discover nearby users. By accessing Bluetooth connection, ShareIt can discover nearby users more quickly so at to connect with the sender ad receiver more efficiently.

Reason to use ShareIt App:

  • Any application that belongs to the social media platform, those applications will keep on the update just to be in the best application list.
  • This application also belongs to that category. To transfer media files, movies audio clips and pictures, just by connecting to the nearest device from or to whom you wanted to be transferred. It makes easy from the task of downloading through the Internet data connection.
  • It is far and far better than the Bluetooth option to share any type of file documents. Almost 95% of the people are selecting the option ShareIt because of its quick process complete. Keep on updating for more advanced features of ShareIt.