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SHAREit is a free application for transfer the files from compatible device to another similar one. It was first launched in China. This app is available in several languages like Korean, Japanese, Latvian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, English, Arabic, Estonian, Czech etc. Now a day’s mobile phones are the most reliable communication gadgets in the world. SHAREit is an awesome application you can use to send the music, videos, and friends at the rocket speed.

There are some file formats that are supported like Excel, HTML, PPT, Word, TXT, PDF also much more. It comes along with the smart interface that makes very easy for users to derive maximum utility from it. You need to do the highlight all files and that you want to transfer also click tab to send.

Download SHAREit App

Download SHAREit App APK

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Design: When at PC you need to drag and drop the files to transfer them. Mobile devices have easier and to open the files from this app and you also use share function to send the file. Specific features and presentations have small and informative tutorial before using the first time.

User Interface: Each time of sense that you have to connect the devices to each other and it grants security also makes the connection process easy. When you send data or file from device to the device then open it immediately on receiving side. The files sent also received without annoying notifications.


The app and service can transfer almost the kind of data. It can use as the remote controller for presentations with a possibility to switch slides remotely. You just installed the Sharelt both on your phone and computer, also you can demonstrate you PC monitor without sending the files. [/tabs]

SHAREit Features

SHAREit Features

  • Super fast data transfer rate: The file sharing app transfers the data or files at the lightning fast speed which is 40 times faster than the NFC and Bluetooth
  • No external internet connection: This is the best feature of the app and works, devices connect the wirelessly via this is the file and sharing the app that’s why do not consume so much battery.
  • Data or Files sharing between various platforms: This appeases a pain and allows transferring the files from Android also iPhone to other platforms in the very easy also fast manner.
  • Share almost everything: You can transfer the files like pdf files, documents, games, images, videos, music files and movies even the other apps without any trouble.
  • CLONEit copies the files easily: The CLONEit feature the app can easily copy the settings from one phone another including the SMS, contacts, with the contact logs also all the other important settings.
  • Group Sharing: With this group sharing ability you can share the files up to 5 members at a time through this.
  • Mobile to Desktop files Transferring: With this app, you can connect your PC to mobile and access the handset transfer the files also the folders on your desktop directly from the phone.
  • Safely Backup images: The file sharing the app also keeps the backup all the images also stores in the safer place and you can recover it instantly.
  • Auto Searching Ability: Devices come with file transferring the application installed and it automatically fond the other particular range also make the file sharing easy.

Download Shareit Pros

  • Sharing so many files and folders with the unlimited file type at the same time
  • Auto correcting and detecting to surrounding devices
  • Customizing the personal and avatar SHAREit account name
  • Quickly sharing in 2 ways sends and receives
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Notifying sending file size and sending time, connected list for the effectively managing sent and received files.


  • Unable to receive or send the file when one device is in offline
  • It only shares or connects in the short distance
  • This is not safe it may have the virus also malware that enters the vulnerabilities
  • It is not supported on MAC OS X


Share it app is really fast for sending and receiving the data or files. This app can work on all devices also works with ease on your device.

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SHAREit Transfer & Share