Retrica App Review

Retrica App Review

Retrica App

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As the smartphones are getting more and more affordable and their cameras becoming increasingly efficient the app developers are coming up with newer camera and photo editing apps every day. Some of these apps are truly very innovative and can turn prosaic images into a nice art work. Retrica is surely one of them. Let’s check out what it has got in store for us.

Retrica App Review

Retrica is light and simple in terms of user interface. You just have to tap a filter and the viewfinder shows what the output would be like. There is nothing complex about it. You will get used to its details within few minutes.
Retrica is neat and well designed. As suggested by the name Retrica consciously emphasize on the retro kind of things. It will not be difficult to find that most of the filters are inclined to retro sides and this is quite interesting for me.
I will not hesitate to allot a good score for Retrica when it comes to functionality. The output created by the app bears the marks of its efficiency. Moreover its varied useful filters are also the true representatives of its efficient functionality.

Features: Below mentioned are some of the best features of Retrica from my point of view –

  • Multitudes of Filters: Retrica boasts of possessing a large number of filters at its disposal (I haven’t count the number although). They are basically divided into several categories such as Cinema, Chic, Silver etc. and each group is having a number filter under it. Moreover the intensity level of the filters is customizable which is not available in all the similar apps.
  • Real-time Preview: A large number of apps allow you to see the output of the filter only after editing is done. But Retrica offers you a real time preview of the photo on the camera screen. That means you already know beforehand how the photo would look even before clicking. This is something different and better than taking the picture and employing additional time and effort to edit it.
  • Add-free: The problem with most of the free apps is that they come up with intrusive advertisements every now and then. And you need to bear with that as the company charged you nothing for the app itself. But fortunately this is not the case with Rertrica. Despite being a free app it is add-free and I really appreciate that.


The ability of the app to show live preview is surely an added advantage of Retrica. Moreover I have also seen that there is no impact on the system or any performance lag when the camera engages the real-time filters. You also have the option of removing the watermark in case you don’t like it in your picture. At least I always do that.


If you are to create professional quality output this is not the right app. However it is not bad when used for entertaining purposes. I mean it is fun to shoot and edit through this app. But if you want to dig deeper and also ready to pay for that you can try the pro version instead – I would say.


If you ask me to be honest I would say Retrica is nothing more than an average quality camera and photo editing app. I can responsibly say that the features offered by it are quite common in so many similar apps. However you may try it anytime as it does not cost you anything (unless for the pro version). And as a free app it is not that bad so as to say.

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