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Reface App

Reface App is the first App where you can swap your face with your friend’s face or movie characters, and you can also swap videos in it with movie clippings, You can download this App on App Store or Google play this App can be downloaded on any type of OS platform.
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-The latest version of the refacing App is 1.0.23, well as this version is latest and having some bugs in this version the developer is trying to fix these bugs.

-Well suggested using the old version of refacing App

-The old version of reface app is 1.0.24 this version is virus-free and safe for your mobile, all though this reface also has some issues but these issues have been fixed and later named as reface pro which you won’t have any issues.

-These bugs have been fixed and were last updated on 31st July 2020
-The latest version of reface App on IOS is 1.3.17 which you can use freely without any issues

-You can use safely without facing any issues, you can gift and meme your swap videos with your friends. Using this reface app, it would be fun.

File Size:

-The file size of this App is 22M on Android

-This App can keep storage over around 10000000+ data images/videos
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-Well, when downloading this App on Android, the Android version should be 5.0 and up so then only you can use this App.

-The file size of this App on IOS is 66.7 MB

-To download this file the version of IOS should be 12.0 or later


-This app category comes under Entertainment category, and the language used for this App is English and age rating for this is App is 12+

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