Prisma App Review

Prisma App Review

Prisma App

Write ReviewTurning your own photos into a nice art work is no doubt very fascinating. Luckily there are some apps that can do the job quite well. And among them Prisma is certainly one. But believe me it is not just yet another addition in the list of photo editing apps. This is something really different. And allow me to explain why I say so.

Prisma is having a very user friendly interface. You will find no difficulty in understanding any of its features or functions. Moreover most of the buttons and options are quite self-explanatory.

In my personal opinion Prisma is surely one of most wisely designed photo enhancing app till date. Its stunning filter quality distinguishes it from all other similar apps. Truly it is an extremely powerful tool to edit your photo in a magical way.

Prisma scores high in terms of functionality. Applying the filters is also very easy although it takes a little time to take effect. Moreover it creates nominal impact on the system as I have personally noticed.

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I wish to mention some of Prisma’s features which had greater appeal on me –

  • Variety of Filters: Prisma’s current version offers a large number of filters – 34 to be precise if I am not that bad at counting. The names and the thumbnail offer a hint of the expected output. Some are intended for the landscapes while others for portraits. Many of them can be applied to both. And a clever use of any of them can really work wonder.
  • Highly Artistic Filters: Honestly, the filters in Prisma are highly artistic and attractive in nature. Most of them are inspired by renowned paintings. And I believe the filters available to similar photo enhancing apps are hardly as gorgeous and unique as in case of Prisma. Each of them renders a very fanciful touch to your monotonous photos and makes them worthy of putting up in different social media.
  • Adjustable Filter Strength: Unlike many similar apps Prisma lets you adjust the intensity of the applied filter. That gives you an added advantage of utilizing your own creativity and turning the photos just the way you want. You can also apply the trial and error method as I often do to find out which level of intensity best suits a particular photo of yours.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Most of the photo apps require access to your camera and photos. This is a bit awkward especially for those having sensitive data in their photo vault. Prisma also asks for the permission. But this is not mandatory. You may not allow prisma to access those things if you so want. And I will strongly suggest you not to. You can easily edit them after they are saved in the gallery.


As per my view Prisma’s filters are extremely creative and attractive compared to that of other similar apps. Moreover you can also remove the watermark (yes, in the free version) if you do not find it pleasant. That is what I have done.


Due to the whooping success and extensive usage as a consequence the server sometimes fails to manage the load. However I heard that the company has recently doubled the server capacity to deal with the issue.


Prisma is currently one of the top ranked mobile apps with millions of users worldwide. Because of its easy to use interface and highly creative filters it has received enormous applaud from the mass. Hence I will suggest every photo buff to try this app. And being a great admirer of Prisma I can assure that they will not be disappointed.

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