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Content Rating:

Content rating is usually described the maturity level of content in-app, well this app has content rating 12+

And the age rating for this app is about 12+

In-App Purchase:

This app can be accessed for free of cost; you need not take any subscription.

Device ID and Call information:

-To identify the device id and read the phone status


This permission is to take videos and pictures.


Peruse the substance of your USB stockpiling

If in the case to change or erase the data of your USB stockpiling


It asks for permission to access your contacts.


Peruse the substance of your USB stockpiling

If in a case to adjust or erase the data of your USB stockpiling


This app requires location to access and stream

rough area (organize based)

exact area (GPS and system-based)


peruse your contact card

discover accounts on the gadget


This app can be accessed through a local area network by Wi-Fi, or you can also access through the mobile network.


This permission is necessary to record your audio.

Some more permissions required:

get information from the Internet

full system get to

use accounts on the gadget

keep gadget from dozing

peruse Google administration arrangement

see organize associations

run at start-up

control Near Field Communication

set backdrop


Pinterest developed the app and the app is created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, this app has been launched in the year December 2009 Pinterest is the official application from this popular interpersonal organization of a similar name. With it, you can make your own virtual board sort out and consistently have the entirety of your preferred things close by, regardless of whether they be recordings, pictures, messages, melodies, and so forth.

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