PicsArt Download

  • Mask:

Different light effects, light flares, lens flare, borders, textures, artistic graphics such as stars, hearts, the universe, Xmas effect. You can download more similar results from the picsart store.

  • Text:

The can insert text with hundreds of different available fonts and styles in photos. You can also control the color of texts, shadow, and stroke to add special effects to the alphabet.

  • Crop:

Remove parts by drawing boundary lines between the start and start and endpoint, and lastly, the shape cropping allows cropping an image in the form of shapes such as the rectangle, circle, star, cone, etc. Cropped pants can be added to the Clip Art gallery.

  • Video/Gifs:

Sketches or drawings created in PicsArt can be converted into video or GIF in the form of times lapse.

  • Multiple layers:

They can be transformed, copied, merged, etc. There are also blending effects such as multiply, lighten, darken, overlay, etc.

  • College:

College can be prepared in the form of a gird or frame. There are different types of layouts in grid mode, whereas frames can be downloaded from the PicsArt store to form a college.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive user interface
  • A creative variety of presets, including college and drawing functions
  • It also works as a social network you can enter challenges and win trophies.


  • Advertisements in the free version are full- screen.
  • Less is not more in this app, PicsArt wide array of features can be too much for a simple retouch
  • You need to download pictures onto your device for editing, the app does not automatically load photos from the cloud.


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