Pandora App

Pandora app is an automated music recommendation service as well as music streaming powered by the Music Genome Project. The service plays musical selections of a certain genre based on users’ artist selection. The users can give positive or negative feedback for the songs chosen by service also feedback is taken to account for the subsequent selection of the other songs to play.

Pandora internet radio app is one is the most popular internet music streaming services.  This app service is operated by Pandora Media, Inc., which is available in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. The service can access either through the web browser or else downloading also install application software on the user’s device like the mobile or personal system.


Pandora Review

Design: Pandora is the new app that used for both existing radio services also on-demand tier. It automatically continues what was playing last also the gallery of album covers display and most recent dozen, or stations and playlists you listened to. This app automatically changes color based on the album art of songs that presently playing. The company plans further personalize an app in the coming months.

User interface: There is not much complexity to the Pandora design which shines through its interface. You can pick up the station that you want also it starts playing. It is a very straight forward app which is the major plus for the mobile music app.

Functionality: This technology was originally distributed and designed for Music lovers. The users can select an artist or else song and also users can customize his station also select the songs that particular stations. Each song is having the favorable and unfavorable buttons denoted by thumps up also check song quality. This app supports ads while playing songs.

  • You can listen to many stations
  • You can track your activities
  • You can also read the lyrics
  • You can share to Facebook and Twitter
  • Listen to music everywhere
  • You can also make friends


  • Pandora internet radio app offers early access to unreleased music lyrics
  • A decent song recommendation engine


  • Lacks niche stations
  • The premium account does not offer unlimited skips
  • No playlists or on-demand streaming
  • No live content

Pandora internet radio app good audio quality and graphical interface everything is nice. You can find sometimes long ads irritating in the free version. If you do not want ads then you can subscribe to the premium version with monthly charges.

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