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Panda Free Antivirus Software Review

Introduction: Panda is fast becoming one of the most coved free anti-virus applications around the globe. Presently the company ranks among top six largest anti-virus sellers in the world. It has also pioneered some of the unique security systems like “Collective Intelligence” which received much acclaim from all over the world.

Key Features

  • Strong Malware Protection: Panda is highly efficient so far as fighting malware is concerned.
  • Unique User Interface: Panda created a very unique interface which is totally different from that of others. The background is covered with pleasant pictures of skies, trees and mountains creating a very soothing effect for the eyes and bringing in a touch of creativity. The main screen displays a bull’s eye that remain green when there is no threat but turns red when user’s attention is required. Moreover the interface is marked with an uncommon simplicity of its own.
  • Efficient Anti-phishing: Panda free anti-virus is very effective in providing a powerful shield against phishing and saving the system from its mischievous impacts such as stealing log in data of mailing accounts, bank accounts, dating sites and so on.
  • Bonus Features: Some additional features are also provided as bonus. They are Rescue Kit, USB Protection and Process Monitor and one can access them by entering into My Protection zone.


Panda scores quite well in terms of performance. Its malware detection rates are very high compared to some of its close competitors. While in action it creates minimal impact on the system without considerably slowing down any ongoing process.


One very interesting and unique feature in Panda free anti-virus is Process Monitor. It checks every running thread in system and can inform every detail about them. Many users may not find this feature to be very useful as such but it is indeed a very significant feature for those who can dig deeper. It can provide important and valuable data during a system attack.


Panda free anti-virus does not examine mail attachments while mails are opened. First the user is required to save the attachment onto the disk and then only Panda can scan that file. And this is definitely a downside of this anti-virus software. Needless to say free versions of AVG, Avast and a host of other anti-virus software are not having this drawback. It often creates false positives as well. The program changes user’s default browser and homepage during installation process. It also collects data from the user’s browsing history.


Panda free anti-virus has a number of upsides such as simple and pleasant interface, powerful malware detection, stress upon cloud protection etc. It has got its demerits too. But considering both sides together we can safely conclude that it is quite capable as free security software. However there is no denying the fact that more effective and efficient anti-virus software are presently available in the market free of cost, for instance Avira free anti-virus.

System Requirements

Windows Versions – 7, 8,10,Vista, XP.
RAM – Min 512 MB and above.
Free Space – Minimum 2 GB or more.

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Panda AntiVirus App

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