My Talking Angela App Download

My Talking Angela App

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My Talking Angela is the virtual pet app had already can explore the glamorous world of Talking Angela also possible to adopt Angela and make her own superstar. You have one could also customize her hairstyle, fashion, makeup and home playing interestingly with the cute mini game. This app is the female series of the Talking Tom then the Pou-or Tamagotchi-style of game where you have to take care of the little cat Angela.

You have a lot of interaction in My Talking Angela is most important options are feeding her, keeping her clean, putting her bed. She has lots of various things such as vegetables, junk food, cookies also help her take the shower or brush her teeth. Angela won’t only sleep, eat and take baths also play different mini games and she can have some fun. You can take her shopping for dresses, accessories and wings and an album of trading cards can collect with Angela’s help.

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My Talking Angela App

Design:The users can try allowing your stunning sense of style shine by providing Angela the styles make over from fabulous lipstick, blush and eye shadow one can simply customize to your heart’s content. With the beautiful dozens of several lucrative colour and endless creative freedom and users can virtually express..

Functionality :The functionality of the My Talking Angela users can easily adopt Angela as very own virtual pet to provide her the fabulous life. You can assist her to grow into the stylish city kitty. From several processes like teeth brushing to clothes shopping you can try as she is actually all yours.

Easily can try the dressing her in latest fashions and lucrative rich costumes from attractive ballerina to punk ninja. The users could complete the glance by offering her the perfect hairstyle too. It has enumerated that with over a million different fashion combinations then the users could simply create something truly unique

User Interface: The users can make Angela has popular nurture her sing to her, feed and delicious treats to her. Eventually, she will become your new best friend. The users can more time with this game. This app will satisfy all requirements for users can actually unlock exclusive new outfits, collect special stickers, level up and customize her fabulous home.

Features: There are key features of My Talking Angela app

  • You have to push the “Cocktail” button to get a taste of Parisian magic
  • Millions of fashionable outfit you need to dress up My Talking Angela
  • Wonderful Graphics
  • The heart-shaped “Fortune Cookie” button for words of wisdom.
  • You can make her repeat exactly what you just like Talking Tom
  • The Great animations
  • By using the “Coat Hanger” button for chic accessories and makeup
  • Enjoy many hours of the engrossing gaming experience
  • Get the latest furniture to customize the Talking Angela room
  • You can purchase the clothes, make items and more with game currency
  • Bath your Talking Angela
  • Join Talking Angela in the world’s most fashionable city.
  • Push the “Cocktail” button to get a taste of Parisian magic.
  • Hit the “Larry” button to fly into feather fun.


  • You can chat about the range of different things.
  • A lot of ways to interact with Angela
  • Facial recognition has supported on devices.
  • It is fixed the crash on start-up upgrade on older devices and some missing graphic elements next upgrade.


  • It doesn’t include voice recognition as the repeating but available in child mode. The normal mode has chat-only.
  • The innovation of this app wears and quite fast but an amusing distraction for the fans of the Talking Tom series.


This app an interactive designs in their city of love, magic and style of Angela. There are many surprises you better sit down. For Enjoy amazing gifts and pick the latest sip magical cocktails, styles and special moments

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My Talking Angela App

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