My Talking Tom App Download Review

My Talking Tom App Download Review

My Talking Tom App

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My talking tom is a casual and Fun game, where the cat called “Tom” we need to keep Tom happy by feeding him, pampering him, playing games with him, putting him to sleep, taking him to the washroom. This is similar to the same 2D game as Pou and is a fourteenth of the Talking Tom and friend’s series and the official English tag line is “Customize your Tom”

As in the busy lifestyle, joy and fun is very necessary part of our life and app like My Talking Tom for Android and other devices is detected to this fun element of our fast life. This app will certainly entertain you along with its animated graphics and voices.

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Talking Tom is a virtual pet app developed by Outfit7 in November 2013 it favorite game for millions of people all over the world. The app is quite simple invention and allows you to interact with Tom in different ways like feeding the tom, playing games and more

Here you can also have fun by hearing what you have said to it with animated content. This app can be enjoyed by all aged groups on Anriod and can spend joyful quality time. It can be downloaded free from Goggle play store

My Talking Tom Review

Design: The graphic and overall presentation in My Talking Tom hasn’t evolved much since Talking Tom Cat 2. The feline largely still looks the same and his sequence voice is identical.[/tab]

User Interface: There is more to say about this game which makes a cute relationship with a player and their toms, the game is very interactive and an operating system is flat to personalized attention. [/tab]


  • Fun Mini Game
  • Simple
  • Personalise your pet
  • Lot of items to unlock and buy


  • Unrealistic food choice for a cat and unhealthy such as fast food
  • No recording facility
  • Repeating task will get boring

My Talking Tom Features

  • Earn gold coins and complete milestones by playing mini games
  • Tom will repeat everything that you say
  • Visit other pet toms and get rewords
  • Gold coins and Treasure chests throughout the game
  • There are 9 different levels and 999 varieties of game play all over the game
  • Store, poke and tickle Tom to see his different reactions
  • Turn your cat back into the kitten or get him to grow up instantly
  • New Fur as super hero or Dragon


My Talking Tom game is a full filled application which put out more smiles on your face whenever you see it. You can play many games and personalize your tom to portray different life –like emotions.

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My Talking Tom App
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