My Talking Tom App Review

My Talking Tom App


My talking tom is a gaming application which consists of a virtual pet that is released on November 15, 2013, for the iOS users, a version is released for android, google play on January 1, 2014. The game is to take care of a visual kitten which is named as tom and to grow him from an infant to an adult tomcat by interacting with his moods as feeding, playing mini-games, feeding with different types of food, tucking him to the bed when he is sleepy and tired.

The visual tom will repeat the words that are spoken by us for 25 seconds using a synthesized voice by login through Facebook. By playing games you will be awarded in-game currency as they will be used to purchase different outfits, accessories to dress-up tom. The talking tom character is also called as “world’s most popular cat” as it’s one of the most famous video games and used as the marketing brand.  It’s awarded best iPad game in 2014.
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Features Of Talking Tom:

The features that are offered in my talking tom application is as given below

  1. Nurture your tom:

We can play with the tomcat, pamper him there is also a possibility to feed him with the favorite and desired food to him and we can tuck him to the bed

  1. Enjoy Emojis:

Tom can act some emojis as happy, sad, hungry, sleepy, bored. The emojis will change based on the way you play with him and nurture him

  1. Increase Creativity:

A unique tom can be created from 1000’s of clothing and furniture

  1. You, Will, Get Rewards:

Tom will grow in 9 different stages and there are more than 50 levels to unlock as in each level you will reward with coins

  1. Interact With Tom:

This is the funniest factor in the game as the tom will repeat every word that you speak and he will react for some reactions as poke, tickling, stroke

My Talking Tom App

  • Name:My Talking Tom
  • Developer:Outfit7 Limited
  • Language: Multi-language
  • License: Free
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 1,59,09,939+
  • Rating:

Pros Of Talking Tom:

The following are the pros that are associated with the talking tom application

  • This is simple to play
  • It will quickly engage with kids
  • This can be used to personalize your pet
  • Mini-games can be raised more easily
  • There are many choices available for food, fur, furniture
  • My talking tom has 170 million monthly users, 1.2 billion downloads, 725 million views on youtube, 230 countries, and territories
  • This game is for free
  • Coins can be earned easily by playing levels as we can buy fur, furniture with those coins

Cons Of talking Tom:

The following are the cons that are associated with taking tom. The list is as given below

  • The mini-games will be bored with its repetitiveness
  • All the personalized items are costly and they can be brought through the game money only as they can be earned through the game we are supposed to spend the real money
  • There are a lot of unrealistic food choices for the cat
  • There are many fast food suggestions which are unhealthy for pets in real life
  • There will be a lot of promotional advertisements which will be distracting us from the game
My Talking Tom Review

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