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Technical Information Of Facebook Messenger:

The additional information on Facebook messenger application given below

Permissions For Facebook Messenger:

The list of permissions that the user has to accept for using the Facebook messenger application

In-app purchases

The Facebook messenger application allows the user for in-app purchase

Device and app history

The user has to allow the Facebook application to read internal system data and device sensitive data.

Cellular data settings

To connect with the cellular data, the Facebook messenger needs access for the cellular data settings


The Messenger application needs the authority to read and modify the contact card.


The Facebook messenger asks to permit for reading, modifying device contacts.


The access to reads the calendar events is required. So, Facebook can send emails to guests without acknowledging to owners.


The Facebook messenger application does require access regarding the location.


As the application is an instant messaging, it requires access to send, edit, edit and receive the texts.


The application requires an authority to reroute the incoming and outgoing calls.


The Facebook messenger application requires access over USB to read and to modify the contents


Access for camera required by application as there is a feature that allows the users to capture photos.


The facebook requires access over the microphone to accept  the voice at the times of video and audio calls

Wi-fi connection information

Access over the wi-fi connection required to retrieve the details of wi-fi.

Bluetooth connection information

The Facebook application requires Bluetooth connections for sharing the files through Bluetooth.

Wearable Sensors

The wearable sensor information need to provide for the Facebook messenger application

Device ID& call information

The information regarding the device I.D required to access. The call log information also needed to perform the task of accepting incoming and outgoing calls.


Facebook messenger requires access to read and write social stream data.


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