Messenger App

The facebook messenger is a sub-app of Facebook application as the application provides the user with some unique and efficient features for the task of messaging.  It’s not only the task of texting for the users of the messenger as it’s enriched with many other features to have fun. There is a massive collection of sticker packets available and also this application capable of cross-app messaging.

Features Of Facebook Messenger Application:

The list of features that associated with the Facebook messenger application given below

Cross-App Messages: The Facebook messenger application allows the users to send messages to any other platforms like the Facebook application developed with a feature that supports cross app messaging so that it enables to send messages to any device and O.S

Allows Proceeding For Payments:

The Facebook messenger application allows the users to proceed for payments by adding bank accounts. So, the sender and receiver can proceed the payments safely and securely.


Add Themes For Chats:

For the chats in the application, the user is allowed to add themes by altering the default background. There are multiple themes made available for the user so that one of them can use.

Massive Collection Of Stickers:

There is massive stickers collection available so that the user can download a specific packet in the app and use them in between texts.

Advantages Of Facebook Messenger Application:

The pros of Facebook messenger application given below

Platform Compatible: The Facebook messenger application is platform compatible as it provides access for many devices and supports lots of O.S. So, that many users make use of this Facebook messenger application.

Allows Sharing Any File: The users of Facebook messenger are allowed sharing all types of file.

To Have Fun, Available With Multiple Sticker Packages: To avoid the boring process of texting the users can add fun by the usage of the stickers that made available.

Uses Less Data: There is no need to get connected with a high speed internet connection, and a stable one as this application provides access with low internet access, and it doesn’t use that much of data from the user’s device.

Allows Audio And Video Calls: The Messenger application available with a feature of audio calls and video calls, and the user can experience a high quality of calls for free all over the world.

Disadvantages Of Facebook Messenger Application:

The cons of Facebook messenger application given below

Addictive: The Facebook messenger application is damn addictive for all the users as the user interface is too easy to understand; it also doesn’t require that much of data while using. So, it makes all the users get addicted

Drain Battery: While using the messenger the battery of the devie drains too fast, the application uses the device information and battery even at the times when the app not used.

Occupies More Space In Device: The Facebook messenger is an application that made available to provide the feature of texting to all the users even for this task it does occupies a lot of space on the device.

Facebook Forces The Users To Use Facebook Messenger: The Facebook application doesn’t allow the users to text by using the application as the users have to install the Facebook messenger for the exchange of messages.

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