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Advanced Features:

Make Live Video As a Story:

Live videos will take a bit challenging and courage, as recent times many users are interested in jumping to live. Whether the user wants to share a talk on an event with a user audience can strong up the bond little more.

Download Stories and Republish them:

The user can download the entire event story and watch it play out over on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter page, or on own blogger page or attach it in a private message.

Eraser Brush:

This feature takes to another new level, gives a beautiful experience:

  • Choose a photo, select the drawing tool and filter with your favorite color.
  • Wait for few seconds to flood the screen with bold color.
  • The fun part starts when tapping the eraser icon and reveal parts of the photo.

Rewind Tool:

This feature was to give more fun and excitement to have stories for Instagram users.

Just like tapping the ball to the ground and receiving it back in few seconds. To experience the moral of the example then go to Instagram and tap on the Rewind button and see the magic happening.

Selfie stickers:

Capture a photo or video, tap on the smiley-face icon in the right corner, and use the same method by selecting to add a sticker to the selected photo. Click on camera icon in the magic folder and take a selfie and place selfie sticker wherever you want.


It allows us to save posts to personal collections, a kind of Pinterest, can create a bunch of photo albums, each segregated to a different topic or can store them all in one collection. Tap on the Bookmark icon under the post and save directly to one of the collections.

Archive posts:

The archived post can be seen only by the user.

Allowed to restore at any time.

Archives include with likes and comments.


  • Name:Instagram
  • Developer: Instagram Inc.
  • Language: Multi-language
  • License: Free
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 1,000,000,000+
  • Rating:

Pros and Cons:


More Visual Medium- A large number of amazing filters makes it an even more beautiful experience.

Effective promotion- This application serves as an important platform for social media marketing.

More Appealing Interface- This platform allows users to organize profiles in a very efficient manner.

Good for travelers- The geo-tagging feature works smoothly, allowing us to add the location of the pictures.

Strict privacy- No way to bypass privacy settings.

Effective Features- Apart from photo sharing, filters, sharing live and streaming videos additional functionalities through other apps like Boomerang and photo grid.


Overwhelming Advertisements- Instagram is a place where ae bombarded with too many ads or sponsored posts.

Creates the Need for a Fake Life- This created a craving in everyone’s heart to become famous.

Technical Drawbacks- The platform is optimized only for the app, hence its web-version is terrible.

Addictive- A huge number of people spend their precious hours with this application.

About advanced Features- This application slowly rolling out the same features of the app on its official website, but cannot expect all the features on the web soon.

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