IMO App Download Review

IMO App Download Review

IMO Free Calls & Messages App

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IMO is the free Instant Messaging and Calling Messenger session that can use on both Android and IOS devices. It makes the communication easier between you and the other people. You can use it from anywhere in the world as long as your device has connected to the internet. IMO is the great application developed by to provide users with the platform.

IMO started in 2005 as the web based application for accessing multiple chat platforms. The desktop based apps are the norm during the time and IMO enabled users to chat using multiple profiles under the central interface. In 2014 IMO app was launched video calling services for enabling the web to web, mobile to mobile, mobile to web and web to mobile facilities.

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IMO’s text, video chat and voice call make it fast and easy to share an experience with your friends and family especially those who reside abroad. Upload pictures in the chat group to show your closest buddies and more.

IMO Review

This app will spread the information as quickly instead of contacting with each person separately. The modern programming technology has that the application allows the user to interact with others in real time whether they live in the same country or across the world. You can expect the videos in high definition many other apps also available.

The design of IMO app is clearly on simplicity and ease of navigation. It is nothing but extraordinary and definitely pleasant to use as it won’t get on your nerves will all unnecessary clutter. With the help of intuitive interface and how the information is organized then will quickly find all the features may need.

  • The speed of IMO application to quickly pass video and audio calls to the latest technologies
  • The default resolutions of video call required approximately 250 kbps download or upload bandwidth per video.
  • The user who wants to have the 10persons call will need the minimum BW of 250 kbps* 10 callers that is equal to 2.5 mbps of BW.

 The interface is smooth, light and quite basic. And get the feeling of squeezed into something limiting your access. There are only two panes, contacts and chats. It offers easy and quick actions on contacts with the minimum of touches.

You can easily end up calling someone you didn’t really want to call. When trying the stickers for exploring them accidentally sending the sticker with the teddy bear and the red hearts that is not much to receiving them, so the interface is narrow and restrictive.

IMO Features
  • It allows the users to create group and chat with each other from these groups.
  • Highly permissive video and audio clarity
  • It is exactly what Google is doing with the Gmail app for mobile phones where the users can access more than one account on the same app.
  • No need of jack to receive the audio from another end and the sound is audible even without the earphones.
  • Significant ringtones
  • You have the option to browse, store and search your chat history.
  • The camera will get automatically turn on if someone makes you video call
  • You can carve up videos and photos with your dear ones
  • You can send unlimited messages and make free voice and video calls over your 2G, 3G, 4G or wifi connections.
  • The interface of IMO Beta is very easy to access.
  • Importantly you can avoid calls and SMS charges

  • High quality video and voice calls
  • Interactive look
  • Light weight in size and performance wise
  • It encrypts all you calls will ensure the privacy of your calls
  • Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers
  • An opportunity to create the group chats
  • No limit when it comes to the number of messages and video calls you can make

  • You cannot use this without internet connectivity. In fact that is the issue with instant messengers.
  • You can only use this app to communicate with other IMO users
  • Need multiple members video chatting feature
  • It can more better with advanced features as starred messages and links previews
  • Uses quite much of battery


IMO app is the decent tool for voice and video calling and chatting. It brings hundreds of millions of users into its base. This platform and instead remove the native installers from your phone and saving more storage space for other uses.
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IMO Free Video Calls & Messeges App
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