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Flip board is the personal magazine and it is the most popular way to catch up on the news and also care about to read stories from around the world. And browse the videos, articles also photos friends are sharing. Flipboard originally launched for the iOS devices.

Flipboard is news aggregation as well as social network aggregation company based in California with offices in Vancouver, New York, and Bejiing. This is the content from the news feeds, photo sharing sites, social media also the other websites that present in the magazine format.

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Readers can save the stories in to Flipboard magazines. This service can access through the web browser or else Flipboard application for the Microsoft Windows also macOS as well as the mobiles apps for Android, Windows phone and iOS. The client software is available at the charge and is localized in 21 languages.

Flipboard Review

When you first launch the Flipboard app then the Flipboard instructions you to pick the content categories like Technology, Twitter also the Flipboard picks to start. If you entered your accounts information then it will pull in the updates from those whom that you follow on those sites. Our personal Flipboard was created instantly. 
The application of user interface is designed for the intuitive flipping through content. At once the feeds have set up and the first page seen when the application is opened is the list of subscribed content. 
If you create the Flipboard app account then required to make the personalized magazines and the Flipboard can spend you push the notification of alerts, icon badges and sounds.  Within the settings users can use their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Reader, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, 500px, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, SoundCloud, Renren, New York Times and YouTube accounts the content will pull from those sources as well.
Flipboard app Features:

  • Flipboard for uploading the content from your social websites like facebook
  • + Flip is the button in the browser that is very helpful
  • Answers can find the content for your magazines
  • Searching social in app is really cool
  • Love to see a Hootsuite also Flipboard collaboration

  • Aggregates the news, videos, images, social networking updates also shared links
  • Content partnerships with the major publishers
  • Slick print style page layouts
  • Strong social networking features
  • Fast page swiping

  • Cannot save stories without the third party app


Flipboard app continues the reign as the best for news reading, courtesy of the slick new design also the thousands of topics, and follow the feature.

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