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Facebook Messenger

Messenger App

Facebook is one social networking application that needs no introduction at all. It is funny how we have been using it for only a few years, but it has become an integral part of our lifestyles today. It is pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t know about Facebook.
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With the evolution of their own product, the makers have come up with Facebook messenger app which helps you to access the messenger directly from your phone, without needing to go to the actual page. You can download Facebook messenger app for free and use it on your cell phones. Let us take a look at some of its features and highlights.

Facebook app is easy to find in your google play store. You can download and install it on your phone or laptops. Once you have the application, you log in to it with your Facebook credentials. A lot of research has been done in this app which can be noticed when you take a look at the features of the application.

Highlights of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a favorite of a number of users for the fact that you don’t need to go to the Facebook page, again and again, to send or receive messages. Facebook Messenger can be used to just concentrate on your chats and takes less space in your cell phone. It allows high-quality video calling, texting, sharing photos and videos and even making videos. Facebook Messenger app can be used for integrating messages now. We will talk about it in our next segment.

Features of Messenger App:

Facebook installation is free of cost and easy. As we have already discussed, it acts as an online message app with chats, group chats, sharing and receiving videos, photographs, posts of Facebook, audio clips and so on. The application can be integrated with your normal messages. So, you can access messenger and also read the normal SMS that comes to you on the same page. You can try out the number of stickers and filters when you are on a video call. You can edit your photographs with different shades and fonts. Facebook Messenger also allows you to share your location with your contacts. It also shows the list of people who are in your contacts. You can either connect with them or send them invitations to join the messenger.

Pros of Facebook Messenger:

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  • It comes in handy: it is not possible for you to go to your Facebook page. There are times when you just want to send a message to someone on Facebook, but just because you get into the app, you end up spending a lot of time browsing other stuff. Messenger helps you to keep it short and fast.
  • It is free: you don’t need to pay anything to install the Facebook app. It is free of cost and fun to use.

Cons of Facebook Messenger:

  • It might take up some space on your phone: it is a rather heavy app and might consume some extra storage space.

An overview of the app indicates its usefulness. You can download the Facebook app today to make life easier for you.

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