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Facebook Messenger Download

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Overview Of Facebook Messenger:

Name Facebook messenger
Developer Facebook,inc
Type of the application Instant messaging
Initially released on August 9,2011
Android version
iOS version 243.0
Latest android alpha version
Latest android beta version
Supported OS Web, android, iOS, windows phone, windows 8, windows 10
Size required for iOS 279.1 MB
Size required for android 36.13 MB
Available in 111 languages
Last updated 22 january, 2020
Installations 1 billion
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How Facebook Messenger Work:

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows users to share the media, files. The Facebook messenger application consists of options as a newsfeed, messaging, notification, friend request, search bar, and profile. The newsfeed will provide you the posts related to the people and the pages that you follow, the messaging feature will allow sending and receiving messages in your Facebook friend list.

The reactions to the posts as mention, like, the comment will be displayed in the notification bar. The friend request will display the list of requests to your profile. The search bar is used to search for the desired page or person in the Facebook account. The profile feature consists of your name and all the related information.

Latest Updates Of Facebook Messenger: 

 Facebook Pay: A feature of Facebook pay is introduced to the Facebook messenger application to send and receive payments from friends on Facebook. This feature can also be used to shop or donate; Facebook pay is used for all the online payments in the Facebook ecosystem.

24 Hour Window For Bussiness: Recently Facebook messenger has provided a feature that will serve as a great channel for the business. The feature is 24-hour windows for businesses to respond to all the messages and to respond to them very fast. Facebook also allows the entrepreneur to send personalized messages tags for use cases which include events, purchase updates, etc.
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Discover Tab: A discovery tab will help to connect buyers and sellers. This tab will include search and advertising.

Dark Mode: The feature of the dark mode is available in a Facebook messenger that allows the application background in dark color and the letter in white color in order to reduce the stress on eyes.

Screen Sharing: Screen sharing is a feature that allows sharing screen visible to all the participants. The screen sharing feature allows viewing videos and images on the mobile phone outside the Facebook messenger.

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