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Facebook Lite install

Facebook Lite App

Pros Of Using Facebook Lite:

The following are the pros that are associated with facebook lite application. The list is as given below

  1. It diminishes data usage:

It reduces the data usage as it doesn’t load the picture of the photos. By loading the pictures in facebook main app it will reduce the battery life of the mobile device. By using the facebook lite app you can the data usage will be reduced and this app can be used on low internet connection also.

  1. Saves battery power:

One of the major culprits for battery draining is a facebook application. There are also many other reasons which lead to the reduction of battery power as gaming, mobile screen, music, data usage, Wi-Fi connectivity. Facebook Lite is an application that is designed to reduce the usage of battery power.

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  1. Improves experience:

The facebook lite has all the features that are embedded in facebook.  It has faster speed, easy access, less data usage, full functionality, and this application can be accessed from anywhere even with low internet access. You can access all the pages, groups, other things.

  1. It requires less storage to download:

The facebook lite app requires only 1MB of memory storage. It works well on low-end memory devices. This app requires only 2-3 MB.

  1. Fewer Cache data:

By using this facebook lite app the cache data will be less stored in the cache devices. By storing cache data some cons are associated with them as it increases the system memory and also hangs the device. It’s required to delete the cached data from time to time. So that the facebook lite application is introduced to avoid all those problems.

Cons Of facebook lite:

  • It continuously requires updates
  • The quality regarding the design needs to be improved as it’s not that eye-catching when compared to facebook. Its graphic design needs to be changed.
  • This facebook lite application doesn’t have to transmit life, and can’t make live videos.
  • At rare cases, it requires a long time while logging to the facebook lite app
  • While opening the photos if you need to zoom and double click on it as it doesn’t allow you to open as you need.
  • The videos on the facebook lite can’t be loaded faster.
  • The photos are not pre-loaded like facebook as if we need to view a photo then it will be downloaded which requires to spare our time.
  • The customer service is not up to the mark as the questions, requests are replied late.
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