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FaceApp App Review


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With the selfie camera of your smartphone getting advanced day by day the developers are designing more and more face morphing app to be utilized by these cameras. And as we can see these apps are extremely popular and used by millions of users all over the world. FaceApp is one of such popular apps and is being downloaded like hot cakes. Let me show you some of its important attributes from my own perspective.

FaceApp App Review

Capturing selfies is always a great fun for the photo buffs. And adding some extra creative touch is no doubt even more exciting. That is what FaceApp is designed to do. It transforms your normal selfies into something a fascinating by implementing new attributes to them if I may say so. A whole lot of things can be done to your face using this app. You can add a great smile, make yourself older and younger, make you look more beautiful and can even switch your gender. Seems interesting, isn’t it?
You might be wondering how perfect the filtering effects are. Well, the answer is they are pretty good at least in most of the cases. However in some cases the output may not be very satisfactory, still not unacceptable. For example the child filter, in some cases, makes the output unrealistic but looks ok when applied to a different photo. Additionally it offers you to morph both new selfies captured by the app’s camera as well as the images already saved in the gallery. In addition to the above mentioned morphing filters FaceApp also offers a couple of extra options namely GIF and collage. These are also quite useful for the photo lovers I believe.
FaceApp is a very user friendly app and comes with a simple interface. Use it and you will surely appreciate its simplicity as I already have.

  • Realistic Filters: The filters in most cases are quite efficient and render realistic output.
  • Easy to use: FaceApp’s friendly interface is always easy and fun to work with.
  • Convenient Sharing: The photos created by FaceApp can easily and instantly be shared with other apps.
  • Artificial Intelligence: FaceApp utilizes “Artificial intelligence” system to create different facial expressions.

Pros: You get all the features of the paid version in the free version itself except for the watermark and ads which are removed in the paid one. But the main features are all same.

Cons: In case of free version of the app you will have to bear with the watermark affixed to the photos. The number of filters is also quite less. And I suppose the developers need to work more on the filters to make them more realistic.

The Controversy: There was a hot controversy regarding a particular filter of the FaceApp called “Spark” which softened the skin tone of color people. Some found it to be racist and protested. The founder of the app officially apologized and promised to withdraw the specific filter. The controversy actually brought in more attention for the app and made it more popular than before.

Conclusion: Controversy aside, FaceApp is no doubt quite a fun to use. But I feel it has still a long way to go. For example it must create more filters to impress the ever growing demands of today’s users like us. However it is not at all bad at least for those who are using a face morphing app for the first time. So if you are on that list just give it a try and I guess you will love it.

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