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Every day we are required to take notes, search online data, send mail to people as well as make various lists for different purposes. And we often use different apps for doing all these things. But just think how convenient it would be if an app can do all these tasks singlehandedly. Yes, there is one app that can do it and it is known as Evernote and after its latest update, it is really worth trying.

Evernote App Review

App Interface: Evernote features a simple and nice interface. The main interface is having a plus sign that allows making a new note. The collapsed menu on the left offers access to your important notes as it comprises a list of your customized shortcuts. From this menu, you can open another screen that shows all notes, tags as well as settings. There are also different color themes as well.


Functionality: I found Evernote to be a very versatile organizer to be used in domestic as well as the business fields. The notes might consist of images, text, web clips, reminders, audio recordings and more. The text notes again can have bullet and numbering, checklists, highlights, and strikethrough. This is really a whole lot of choices I must say. Another interesting feature of Evernote noticed by me is that it retains extra info about your note such as the location where you create the note and also the web address you copied it from. So if you ever need to remember a specific website that was of immense help and can be required at any point in future Evernote will easily recollect it for you.

App Design: Evernote comes with a neat and clean design. It uses a handful of color themes namely white, black and green. The premium users can experience better control over the color scheme through the customizable patterned background. This really adds some edge to the home screen experience. You can also enjoy some animations as you open a note. The optional passcode feature offers it some added security. There is also a search option to be used for quickly locating what you are looking for. Moreover, it also offers suggestive search meaning it fetches possible results even before you finish typing the keywords and I find it quite useful a thing.


  • Captures almost anything into the notebook.
  • Annotate, highlight and affix visual callout to notes.
  • Organize notes through tags and stacks.
  • Offers suggestive search to locate the required info inside a note.
  • Shares notes to different channels for better collaboration.
  • Collects and saves all types of data from the web.

Pros: Core features in Evernote even in the free version are extremely useful if you are not willing to go for the premium one. The camera is also a highly efficient one. It also syncs notes, documents, images as well as voice notes through a cloud offering seamless access from different devices.

Cons: A couple of attractive features such as PIN lock and offline support can be availed only through the paid version of the app. I find the buttons to be a little smaller; it would be really convenient for me and perhaps a number of other users to tap them had they been a bit bigger.

Conclusion: Evernote is truly a very useful app for accomplishing all your works in an organized way. It collects and saves anything that you are supposed to remember. It is also perfect for dumping brainstormed ideas and gathering details of meeting extracts. All these things are taken together I will strongly recommend you try this note-taking app in case you haven’t used it yet.

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