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DuckDuckGo App Review

A new free app from Duckduck Go offers an encouraging bit of pushback to the churning maw that is online tracking. It takes a step beyond simply private searches, and you should download it.

By this time everyone may familiar with Duckduck Go the “search engine” that doesn’t track you like others. Unlike say, Google, Duckduck Go doesn’t track you specially. Instead, it sells ads based on your search terms.

This no-track business model was and continues to be great for searching the web, but what about browsing it. That’s where the new app comes in. Download to an iOS or Android device, the app allows you to cruise around the web as you would otherwise but with some added protection.

Moves beyond the search box and protects your privacy wherever you go on the Internet, “a company spokesperson explained over email.

The biggest problem is that the results are not uniform. When we were digging through knowledge Graph features to find cool things you don’t know you could do with Google, noticed that the results were not always the same. When one person searched for Apple stocks, Google showed him regular search results, but when a colleague searched for the same term, he was shown current stock information along with a nice price versus time graph.

Features Of DuckDuckGo App

Social media bio:

Duckduck Go lets you see the social media profiles of people without the search engine. So, search for advantages and you can see full the profile information on the same page. The same thing works for Google+ and Gravatar as well.

To look up a Twitter bio, you need to search for the handle. For Google+, type G+ and then the name of the user. Another cool feature that is related is letting you search inside other sites. With Google, you can use the site.


App store search, alternatives to apps:

Search for any popular app on Duckduck Go and you will that it shows a carousel full of apps with similar names. Just search for the NDTV gadgets app to see what we mean. Clicking on any one of the cards on the carousel will show you the price of the apps, but it can find most of the well-known ones.

Shorten and expand links:

Want to find out which websites are at the end of shortened links such as http://bit.ly1tYrmaB open in Duckduck search engine. Also, if you want to shorten long URLs.

Generate passwords:

These passwords comprise four common words put together, which are easy to remember and hard to crack, and were first suggested in the popular webcomic XKCD.

Quick stopwatch:

Both Goole and Duckduck Go let you create a quick timer but Duckduck Go also has a stopwatch.

Change case and check the number of characters:

Want to change a sentence to Title case, lowercase, or Uppercase. Just add one of those three terms before your sentences and key it in on Duckduck Go. “Uppercase ndtv gadgets” lead to “NDTV GADGETS”.

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