Drag Racing App Review

Drag Racing App Review

Drag Racing App

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Drag racing is the online and offline racing game. Over 50 georgic cars also upgrade their performance time to time. Being the online game also the challenge million of the daily players also ranks you at the first position. The top cars have including Skyline GT-R, Classic 69’ Mustang and BMW M3. The shift gears when the dashboard indicator turns either green or blue. Unleash nitrous also powerups to defeat the other races. If you score high it to drag your rank up.

Drag racing is the interesting street races in short distances with realistic driving. You should maneuver your car choosing the optimum trajectory and car in the arrival moves only straight.  To win you should not switch transmission in time also choose the optimum car. The victory will depend in respects in the pumping of our car.

Drag Racing Review

Play racers throughout the world through online multiplayer play. There are the three racing types in this multiplayer: Bracket Racing, Grudge Racing and Heads Up racing. These races are touch also wagered races. There is no limit to the amount you can lose or win on multiplayer race.

This game is the user-friendly interface design. Racing on your own fun and the unlimited challenge is in online section then go ahead with random racers and beat them while driving their own cars, 9 players at once in the real-time competitions.
In the game, there is online mode so that you will able to compete against people through the internet also get a lot of pleasure. Before getting four wheels the test it in test arrival also decide and you like each other or not.  The indicators of red and blue colour show optimum time for transfer switching. Use the nitrous oxide if your car does not have enough power. In this game, we use the fingers to control car. On the screen, we can gears speed of the car. 


  • Career mode
  • Online multi player mode
  • Tune your car
  • Modifications
  • Achievements

  • Car diversity with the 40+ models
  • Quality of sound effects
  • Car customization options
  • Automatically recorded the increasing stats
  • Racing online


This is the most addictive also time pass game for people. You can interact with the unknown people by playing this game through online. Just play carefully and win the games with your friends or relatives.

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