Dr. Driving App Review

Dr. Driving App Review

Dr.Driving App

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Dr. Driving is the video game that different from other car games. This is the game not only racing also have driven well, managing the traffic also finding parking. You can play this game by sign-in with your Google account to play online multiplayer. Dr. Driving is a game that moves away from the classic sports racing model where speed is a key. Instead, it opts for the model that lets you drive normal cars in urban settings at normal speeds.

This game has a lot of different missions that generally require getting from one point to another point in the city, and then park your vehicle.

The goal isn’t to go full speed through streets of a city also take bends well no to crash and ultimately to drive responsibly. By completing the missions, depending on how well you do also you will receive the amount of money. And with this money, you could probably guess you can buy more also better vehicles for trips around town.

Dr. Driving App Review

The game aims to provide a realistic driving experience possible for mobile devices. With the crisp 3D visuals also responsive touchscreen controls. You can drive the car either a distant third-person or first-person view. Rotate your fingers around on-screen street the car. Press down the gas pedal to accelerate your vehicle and follow GPS prompts.

This takes some inspiration from classic arcade games and lack of speed, obstacles also any kind of track variation on the way to unmarked goal mean Dr. Driving lacks a sense of entertainment or drama. This is the good time pass game for the users. 

Dr. Driving game asks you to complete obstacles and races in the middle of an incredibly crowded city street. You can play the multiple mission also earn rewards in a game without signing in and you need an account to play the game in the multiplayer mode. You can sign in through Google+ or Facebook to earn bonuses also share your status along with your friends. 

Dr. Driving features

  • Many vehicles and levels
  • Addictive game play
  • First and the third person view
  • Realistic graphics
  • Free Install of Dr. Driving
  • Light weight application
  • Various locations

  • Good controls
  • Optional rear-view windows
  • Original idea
  • Varied missions

  • Simple graphics
  • A little slow


The game Dr. Driving is a brilliant app that appeals to a lot of people. This game boats the deep driving mechanics that can satisfy most sim gamers. This is also an effective learning tool that young aspiring drivers use to figure out the ins and outs of proper driving.

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