Candy Crush Saga App

Candy Crush Saga is a sweet and charming puzzle game, which contains some relevant social information. Each player should match the different types of candies, and create a connection for them, then they will disappear. The whole game scenario contains almost more than 200 levels yet to open a new candy adventure for every player.

The game is very simple and easy to play and to get started, but to achieve the master level still has a considerable difficulty because the game is to focus on focus on how to move a different color and connects them together to achieve the purpose of disappearing.

The game is based on the theme of candy, the basic rule is to eliminate candies that same line from 3 to 5. To gain a high score in the game. The levels of the game will be unlocked one-by-one ad for every 15 levels passed you cloud invite Facebook friends to unlock a longer trip.
Rules to play:


  • The initial step is to download the Candy Crush Saga application from the App Store or use Facebook to connect the game.
  • The game’s purpose is to match the candies in a very limited number of moves. Earning points each time the gamer will crush a piece of candy. If the gamer did not gain the targeted score, you will lose the game ad have to replay.
  • Crush the candies by swiping over three matching pieces of candy in a row each time. The row will disappear and the candies above the row will dropdown.
  • Each level presents with a different goal, which might earn certain coins to move an item to the bottom level. The gamer can play 15 levels at a time.
  • The gamers can earn boosters in the game, receive them as a gift or purchase them. Boosters adding can give you some extra moves and many more offers.
  • Whenever the Cady Crush introduces the new levels, they will provide walkthroughs to explain how the new concepts or conventions work.
  • They gamer will play a series of games, each with a different board and with many different goals, which will progress across the levels beating a level result in the next level becoming unlocked.
  • Look at the whole board before making a move, spend a few minutes looking for potential combinations and considering the results of making certain matches.
  • Reshuffle the board if it looks too challenging if the game looks too heavy to move the next step, allowed to reshuffle the candies.
  • The game will make move suggestions if you idle for a long time, if you have time then take time to find out if there is a better move better than the suggestion. Maximum run out of the game’s inbuilt suggestion.

Pros and Cons:

Candy Crush Saga for Android proves to be as deliciously addictive as the Facebook version, featuring hundreds of levels, as well as the Dreamworld expansion, which enables us to replay completed levels while maintaining a balance of two colors of candies, so that the moon-shaped balance won’t tip over.


  • Free to play, no money to download and install, and most of the game can be played while avoiding in-app purchases.
  • Though the gameplay of Candy is rather simple, it’s constantly- evolving mechanics create increasingly complex challenges.
  • The time and move limits, obstacles that block off parts of the game board, and secondary objectives to fulfill add up to a game that pushes the brain to the limit and seldom gets bore.
  • As you go on playing, you can unlock, earn, and buy special pieces and functions that will help to complete the levels of the game more easily.
  • Candy Crush Saga currently has over 2500 levels and is constantly adding more, so there’s almost a new challenge waiting around the corner.


  • Each time you fail at levels, you lose a life.
  • The game provides only 5 lives at a time and once they are gone, you can no longer play the game.
  • Must either wait for your lives to replenish, or contact your friends on Facebook through the game and ask them to give extra lives.
  • At appoint of time to complete the level it takes more than 4to 5 days.
  • Addictive game to all phases of age groups

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