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Does your job involve managing and retaining a lot of paper works on a daily basis and are you tired of doing it for years? Then I have some good news for you. For your information there are several apps in the market at present which can really help you to eliminate the clutter and go paperless. And CamScanner is one of such apps which can turn your smartphone into an efficient document scanner. And honestly speaking I have been much benefited by it. Let me tell you how.

CamScanner App Review

User Interface:

CamScanner is endowed with a simple and friendly interface offering utmost ease of operation to the users. The texts on the buttons are self-explanatory and hence the users never get confused regarding what is what.


CamScanner is definitely an efficient performer. It can take sharp shots of texts and images given to it in any format. Then it uses a clever auto cropper to eliminate the background and retain the paper portion only. Hitting the PDF icon produces the PDF format of the scanned document within seconds. The output is perfect and worthy of sharing for different purposes. You can also merge multiple documents even retaining the original ones.

App Design:

Instead of featuring too many perplexing options CamScanner is designed quite thoughtfully. It works in a very simple and straight forward way which is very convenient for those who are often in rush. You can take me for example. Moreover it also offers several preset modes such as High Enhance, Low Enhance, Black & White, Grayscale etc. to be used in haste.


Let us estimate the worth of this app by scrolling through its key features –

  • Fast Operation: Turning your hardcopies into a smart sharable PDF document is just a matter of few seconds for CamScanner.
  • Editing Features: CamScanner offers some editing tools to enhance the quality of the scan if you are too fastidious. Through them you can adjust contrast brightness and rotation and I find them of real help.
  • Insert Option: There are several options for inserting additional data in the document such as extra notes, signatures, highlights and more. To access the full list of these options you need to open the image in full mode. I have to use the highlight option in many of my documents.
  • Cloud Syncing: In addition to email clients and different messaging applications the document can also be uploaded to the cloud clients as well. This gives an extra edge to the utility of the application making it even more worthwhile.


CamScanner’s easy-to-scan interface, PDF convertibility and option for cloud syncing really make it one of the efficient scanning apps presently available in the market.


The free version of the app is quite intrusive with ads. Moreover the bottom portion of the app is occupied with a banner to be used for this promotional purpose. Again if you want to utilize the character recognition feature you will have to download an additional third party plug-in. Sometimes the text recognition is not accurate as I have noticed in several cases. The free version is also having watermark. All these will instigate you to go for the premium paid version. But unfortunately I am not interested.


CamScanner is no more than one of those average scanning apps that throng in the app market. Despite some of its useful features it is not qualified enough to be used seriously in official field. However it is good enough for casual and domestic purposes as in my case. Buying the paid pro version could be more effective for professional users.

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