BHIM Aadhaar Pay App

BHIM Aadhaar Pay App

BHIM Aadhar Pay App

We can see more usage of Digital Payment day by day, BHIM Aadhar a new and most easy payment App for the cashless transaction which is launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi; you can download this app through Google Play Store.

What is BHIM Aadhaar App?

BHIM Aadhaar Pay is a payment interface for merchants, which permits merchants to receive digital payments using only Aadhaar number and fingerprint of the customer.

The BHIM Aadhar pay app will authorize the payments from customers through his/ her fingerprints and it allows the merchants to accept digital payments from their customers without the need of any POS machine or e-wallet.

The amount which should be paid to the merchant will be directly transferred to current / saving account of the merchant from customer saving account. It’s a revolutionary step for less cash economy you just need a Smartphone or payment card.

BHIM Aadhaar Pay platform is another step of UPI payment system; in UPI platform your mobile number works for basic authentication while in BHIM Aadhaar pay system your Aadhar biometrics is used for authentication.

How does BHIM Aadhaar Pay work?

BHIM Aadhaar Pay Platform use Aadhar Number of merchant and customers to complete payment, the BHIM Aadhaar pay is only for merchants, so customers do not need an app to install; only merchants should install this app in their Android or iOS Smartphone.

After installing you need to link your bank account using Aadhaar number with BHIM Aadhar pay app to receive payments from customers.

When you enter customer’s Aadhar number, BHIM Aadhaar pay asks for fingerprint authorization, and then the customer should authorize the payment by putting his or her finger in connected fingerprint scanner.

Benefits of Aadhaar Payment app:

  • No need for a debit card or credit card by the customer.
  • No use of a Smartphone or any other wallet to make payment.
  • No service charge or extra fees for making payment.
  • No need to remember PIN or MPIN.
  • Low-cost solution for Instant payment
  • No use of POS machine at merchant’s end.
  • Additional referral bonus for Rs.10 and cashback for merchants.

Requirement for BHIM Aadhaar Payment:

For using this app customer should remember his/ her Aadhar Number and keep their finger clean, on another hand merchant should make more arrangements to use this app and to accept payments

Customer Requirement:

  • Bank Account Linked with Aadhar
  • Clean finger
  • Aadhaar Number

Merchant Requirements:

  • Bank Account linked with Aadhar
  • Smartphone with mobile data
  • Aadhaar payment app
  • Fingerprint scanner

How to use BHIM Aadhaar pay App

Here is the step by step process to use this App as follows

Step 1: merchant should download the app from Google play store


After installing the app connect your mobile to fingerprint scanner through USB cable

Step: 3

Now merchant should authenticate through fingerprint and 12 digit Aadhar card number, once after authentication she/he can accept payment

Step: 4

To make payment customer should enter Aadhar card number and amount, then they need to authenticate by placing a finger on a biometric scanner.

Step: 5

That’s ‘it!!! After successful verification, payment will be done from Aadhar link account to merchant account.

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BHIM Aadhaar Pay App

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