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Avira antivirus

Avira Anti-Virus App

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Avira Free Antivirus Software Review

Introduction: With nearly 10% of market share in the global anti-virus market Avira is one of the largest anti-virus sellers in the world. Presently the German multinational company has more than 100 million of active customers around the globe.

Key Fetures

  • Active Malware Protection: Avira protects its users through signature-oriented malware scanning and behavioral monitoring. Both of them function seamlessly in the background as well as at the time of active scans. Thus it saves the system from every sort of possible infection. Moreover its cloud protection system inspects all the suspected objects uploaded by its millions of active users from all over the world.
  • Mutiple Scanning Options: Most of the anti-virus programs generally offer its users two scanning choices namely full or complete scan and quick scan. Some companies also add another option called custom scan. But in Avira in addition to the above mentioned options more choices have been offered to satisfy the advanced users who can go deep into things.
  • Fastest Quick Scan: Avira free anti-virus seems to perform the fastest “quick scan” when compared to that of its close competitors. Different lab tests have indisputably proved that no other free anti-virus can make as fast as Avira.


Avira free anti-virus works in an excellent manner and ensures the users with an infection free system all thorough. Its malware detection rate is extremely satisfactory as witnessed by experts in various lab tests results. However different tests suggest that its performance in terms of system impact is not quite upto the mark.


One notable virtue of Avira free anti-virus is that unlike some of its close competitors it does not constantly insist you to buy the paid version of the software. Really those persistent poke and pop ups are very annoying especially when you are at the middle of an important business. To add to that you get a free trial version of Avira System Speed Up with Avira free anti-virus. This is no doubt quite a useful tool for any user.


One very significant downside of Avira free anti-virus is that it noticeably slows down the system performance while the scan process is in progress. This “impact on system performance” is no doubt a very crucial parameter in estimating the worth of an anti-virus. And here Avira scores considerably less vis-à-vis its close competitors. The company does not provide any tech support to the free users either. It also leaves the email attachments to be dealt with the paid version of the software.


Avira is no doubt one of the best options so far as choosing a free anti-virus software is concerned. Its powerful malware protection, a number of free add-ons, fastest quick scan, wide array of customization options – all these loudly speaks of its worth. It is indeed a very good choice from every aspect if we just ignore the system impact.

System Requirements

Compatible Operating Systems – Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
Required Free Space – At least 2 GB or more.
RAM – 512 or above.

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Avira AntiVirus App

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