AVG Free Antivirus Software Review

Introduction: AVG is no doubt one of the most popular as well as efficient security applications thriving in the market at present. It has around 200 million active users scattered all over the world as of 2017.

Key features

  • Extremely effective malware protection: AVG free antivirus offers strong protection against various malware and ensures no unwanted objects creeps in and attacks your system. It successfully blocks malware-hosting URL and cleanses payload malware even before completion of the download. Even a very smart and updated malware cannot escape its security analysis.
  • Fast Scanning: One very useful feature of AVG free anti-virus is its fast scanning. It takes considerably less time to culminate a complete scan as compared to its close competitors.
  • Smart Interface: The interface seems quite effective with jet black appearance along with a tinge of orange and green. This creates a sharp contrast and a dashing effect. The large icons are also quite in keeping with the pleasant appearance of the dashboard.
  • Added privacy: The identity protection feature keeps an eye on software behavior with a view to preventing the theft of sensitive personal data. The email scanner also constantly monitors the attachments for possible treatment. Moreover, the Web TuneUp feature prevents the advertisers from tracking the user’s browsing records which help them to send relevant advertisements to the users.
  • Elaborate customization options: With a large number of customizing options AVG free anti-virus is perfect for those tech-savvy users who can go deep into it.
  • Extra features: The LinkScanner feature checks Facebook, Twitter, and other social media in order to protect the system from possible harms by blocking unwanted objects from those sites.



AVG proves itself to be quite efficient so far as its performance is concerned. It detects malware at a satisfactory rate. Again the system does not slow down noticeably either when the scan process is in progress as found in different lab test results.


One very exclusive virtue of AVG free anti-virus is its game mode. While it is activated you will never be interrupted by annoying notifications spoiling your concentration on the game. This is something very useful for hardcore gamers.


One of the most annoying things about the free version of AVG is its continuous prompt to the premium version and a large portion of the dashboard is covered with that. There is not a “quick scan” option as well. It also lacks the “rescue disk” feature which is to be found in many other anti-virus programs.


AVG free anti-virus has more or less everything that a user can expect out of a free security application. But its nagging for purchase of the paid version on a frequent basis puts it on the backbench. If we just compare it back to back with Avira, we will find that Avira has got all (if not more) that AVG has but Avira will not annoy you with so many ads and prompts like AVG.

System requirements
Operating Systems – Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.
Free Space – Min. 2 GB or above.
RAM – 512 or above.