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Introduction: Avast is definitely one of the most effective and useful security software presently available in the market. Therefore no wonder that it holds the largest share in the world market of security applications as of 2017.

Key Features:

  • Powerful malware fighter: Avast Anti-virus is known for its high efficiency in fighting different malware. Even reputed antivirus programs like Microsoft’s Security Essentials pales before Avast.
  • Complete Protection: It is a common fact that most of the free security software provides nothing more than normal malware protection. But with Avast you get much more. It is almost a complete security suite having features that do not normally come free of cost. And this definitely gives it an extra edge over its competitors.
  • Continuous security update: Avast continuously matches new files with its ever updated storehouse of malware signatures so that nothing slips out of its notice. Moreover, if any doubtful object is detected by the user he can always upload it directly to the Avast server for detailed further analysis.
  • Efficient Online Support: Avast offers very effective online support to its customers. The technical support team invariably responds within 24 hours of receiving a complaint.
  • Clean and Friendly Interface: Avast offers a clean and bright user interface which is quite pleasant in appearance and nice to work with. A distinct green checkmark symbolizes that the system is currently protected. And this turns into a red alarming sign when the system is under threat.



Avast truly stands out from other anti-virus applications so far as performance is concerned. It detects malware quite efficiently. Its impact upon system performance is also excellent vis-à-vis its competitors if you just overlook the scan time.


Avast free anti-virus is gifted with a number of additional features with it which are not to be found elsewhere. Some of them are – Password manager, detailed configuration options for advanced users, local network security scanner, remote assistance tool, etc.

Despite a number of advanced features and utilities, Avast is not totally free from blemishes. One of them seems to be its prolonged scan time. It really takes a considerable amount of time (perhaps the longest amongst all) to complete a total scan. There is a however specific explanation for that. The scan does not slow down any ongoing programs or processes so as to say. However, as it creates a very minimal impact on the system such an effect is not totally unacceptable. Another noticeable downside of Avast is that it overlooks malicious or harmful email attachments which can prove to be a potential threat for the system. Again its enormous range of customization options might confuse a user who is not quite efficient in dealing with them.

Conclusion: Avast free antivirus definitely offers much more than what is expected out of a free security application. Despite its few downsides, which are quite negligible, it is a no doubt a very worthy application especially for them who always look for something extra without paying for it.

System requirements

Windows versions – 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.
RAM – 512 MB or above.
Free Space – Min. 2 GB or above.

Avast Antiviurs App

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