Angry Bird 2 App Review

Angry Bird 2 App Review

Angry Birds 2 App

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The angry Birds are back in sequel to the biggest mobile game of all time, the survival of angry bird is at pledge. Uses the unique powers of the Angry birds to destroy greedy pig’s defences!! Angry Birds 2 starts a new era of the addictive slingshot game play with good graphics, challenging multi – stage levels, scheming boss pigs and many more.

Angry Bird 2 is puzzle game and it is formerly known as Angry Birds under pigstruction, its first software launched in Canada on March 5 and officially released on July 30, 2015. The sequel to Angry Birds develops new challenges like as multi –stage levels and boss battles. There are many changes from the prequel, although the interior mechanic of introduction birds into pig Fortresses via the slingshot remains stable.

As per the levels, players are able to select which birds are desired in the form of cards from a pre – determined set

Angry Bird 2 Review

Angry Birds has a look, one might characterize the visual style of Angry Birds as combination of “high camp cartoon” with tiny greeting card graphics tossed in for good measure.  

Angry Birds has received many acclamations for its addictive game play, game content, game mechanics and low price with more than 500 million downloads across all platforms, and Angry Bird is one of the most successful app and game in the world as so far.  


Features of Angry Birds 2:

  • Get to know your birds
  • Get to know your spells
  • Get angry in beautiful environment
  • Sound makes you smile
  • Multi stage levels
  • Bird cards

  • Addictive game play
  • Many levels to play
  • Free and
  • Fun
  • Attractive backgrounds

  • Take huge time to load
  • Limited lives with timer


Angry Birds 2 is very fun game that keeps its classic essence, yet adds enough improvements to keep it fresh and lively. The game looks good with improved animation and graphics. I personally loved the game.

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