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Alexa App

Alexa App

Alexa is an echo speaker that is launched by Amazon on November 6. Alexa works on Artificial virtual intelligence. The Alexa speakers are first used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers by the Amazon lab, which is capable of to play music, display weather reports, updates on sports, and some other real-time information. The Alexa Echo speakers will activate with a single wakeup call that is “Alexa”. Alexa is default designed with artificial intelligence that understands the Woolfram language. The command that a user passes as a voice wave is received and converted into text, and then Alexa will provide the desired information to the user. The application plays music and songs as it is connected to Spotify by default. This application offers a feature to text and calls your friends and family in hands-free.

Features Of Alexa Application:

The following are the features that are associated with the Alexa application

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Wakes With A Single Command:

    The Alexa Echo speakers wake with a single command that is “Alexa”. The Alexa speakers can understand multiple languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi. The Alexa will receive your commands which are in sound waves and then converts them to text message and finally provide the users required output.

Built-In Music Support:

 The Alexa application has built-in music support from the accounts of Pandora and Spotify. The Alexa application will play songs from amazon music account, apple account, google play music.

Interaction With Multiple Devices:

On 2015 April 8, the Alexa application is designed to incorporate with many manufactures for home automation as SNAS, Fibaro, Belkin, Ecobee, Geeni, IFTTT, Insteon and Wink.  By this feature, all the users can create their smart home. In September 2018, by using of this Alexa echo speaker, a microwave oven can also control.

Food Ordering Through Alexa:

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From November 2017, by using Alexa, the users are allowed to place orders in Domino’s, Starbucks, Pizza hut, Seamless, Amazon prime, and Wingstop.

Provides Updates On Sports:

Amazon Alexa provides updates on sports the thing user need to do is to create a sports team in Alexa’s sports update app session. The user can hear updates on 15 teams that they support.

Serves Bussiness Purposes:

Alexa can also use for business purposes. But using Alexa for business purposes is a paid version it allows companies to join the conference calls, schedule meetings.

Provides Alerts Regarding Weather:

The feature of providing weather alerts introduced in February 2020. This will give a warning to the users regarding storms, Tsunami, and fire-related dangers

Updates On Traffic:

 The feature of Traffic updates are introduced in February 2020 by this feature Alexa will provide information about the traffic conditions and the directions to avoid if there is high traffic, all this information will send to the mobile user device.

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