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Alexa App Download

Alexa App

Advantages Of Alexa Application:

The pros that are associated with the Alexa application are as explained below

Makes Home As Smarter Home:

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By using the Alexa echo speakers, you can organize most of the home appliances also, and the significant advantage of using this Alexa is that it provides home automation

Can Pass Hand- Free Commands:

The Alexa application receives commands from the hands-free users. User doesn’t need to use hands to pass a command. The vocal command will converts to a text in Alexa application.

Provides Weather Forecasts:

The Alexa Echo speakers provide accurate weather reports, it even displays about the weather risks as Storms, tsunamis and all

Calls From Echo:

The Alexa echo provides a feature to call your friends who connected with the echo supported devices.

Plays Songs And Music:

The Alexa will play the music if you pass a command as the application is default connected to Spotify and Pandora.

Hands-Free Messaging And Calling:

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The great advantage of the Alexa application is that you can send messages and you can call your friends with just a command. How cool is it calling and texting someone, and that is a hands-free task?

Disadvantages Of Alexa Application:  

The following are the cons that are associated with the Alexa application are as given below

Uses Users Location:

The Alexa speakers will make use of the users’ location, which is one of the privacy concern. Of course, Alexa makes use of the location to understand the nearest restaurants to place orders, but in a way, this may lead to some personal data retrieval.

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