AccWeather App

Having accurate weather forecast at your fingertips is no doubt extremely useful especially when you are on the go. Thankfully it is possible. There are in fact countless mobile apps that can do the job quite efficiently. And AccuWeather is just one of them and also works pretty well. Let us try to find out what it has got to offer –

User Interface:

The app is simple and easy-going. There are no complicated options and buttons. The status bar prominently displays the temperature of your home/current location. You can easily expand the notification bar to monitor daily forecasts.

App Design:

AccuWeather manifests a well-thought app designing. Besides normal forecasts, you will also get “Warnings” of rainfall and heavy wind through an orange indicator along with a brief summary of the warning. You can set the units in metric or imperial form. The application also features a few helpful widgets which offer you to customize the home screen with updated weather forecasts. And as per my own view, it also makes the screen look sophisticated and smarter.


The app is marked by its efficient functionality. It can declare forecasts for 3 million locations around the world. This is pretty impressive so as to say. Moreover, the forecasts are updated every hour to offer flawless weather report whenever you need. In addition to general weather forecasts, the app also provides detailed data related to weather conditions such as UV Index, visibility, Humidity, wind speed as well as sunrise and sunset. These details are often very useful for us at least I have found so.


AccuWeather Features

  • Multiple Themes: AccuWeather provides us with a number of colorful themes to choose from. The themes are nice and quite in keeping with the simple interface of the app. Moreover, they can be customized in different ways.
  • Lifestyle Forecast: This is another notable feature of this nice app and being a health-conscious person I truly appreciate it. It explains in detail what kind of impact the current weather condition might create in your health or how it may affect your day to day activities.
  • Multi-lingual: AccuWeather supports as many as 23 languages to be used by the people of a large number of countries. And I feel this is what makes it even more popular across different nations.
  • MinuteCast: This is a signature feature of AccuWeather. It offers precipitation type as well as intensity forecasts of the minute across the major countries of the world.

Pros: Unlike many weather forecasting apps AccuWeather is compatible with all available versions of Android. So no matter what phone you are using the app will go everywhere. In fact, I installed it in one of my oldest handsets. The app also offers very easy access to different locations.

Cons: I genuinely feel that the app needs some updating in terms of look and feel as it appears outdated and apathetic. And this is quite important when it comes to coping with the competition. The radar map data is also quite limited. And the free version is intrusive in terms of ad posting. Finally, some innovative and distinguishable features must be added as well to give it that extra edge.

With its simple interface and a number of useful features AccuWeather is certainly one of the best weather apps at present so far as my personal opinion is concerned. It is simply smooth and well thought. And it provides all the weather-related information which a common man like me might need to know. But in my view, it lacks an innovative style and features.

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